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Mediseed Man Review Australia

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Straight off the bat, the marijuana seed bank Mediseed Man at first glance can be said to have an easy-to-use website that makes finding what you’re looking for, even if you haven’t decided what it is that you want to buy just yet, simple.

However, Redditors have some words about this so-called Aussie cannabis seedbank. Read “Is Mediseed Man Legit?” below to find out what Redditors have said.

Going back to the review; there are different types of seeds available for cultivators that are new and experienced in their craft from Mediseed Man. The strain options can be feminised seeds and auto-flowering seeds which can be found in the menu.

Some words on the site are likely not going to make sense to someone who is just getting started with growing their own cannabis but these terms can be easily learned by just a quick Google search.

You may filter strains by cannabis seed type: Even complete novices will have no trouble with this method of displaying potentially suitable seeds. Indica, Sativa, High THC, High CBD, and Hybrid strains are all included in the cannabis seed type display.

Growing Requirements: This is a category that is probably intended for growers who are at a stage where they understand what they require from their seed but don’t know exactly what strains meet those requirements. Indoor seeds, Outdoor seeds, High yielding seeds, and a few other types of strains make up some of the results in this display option.

Their complete seed selection is made up of common, popular and medical varieties. You may find well-known and famous strains, such as Purple Haze, Blueberry and Sour Diesel but, is Mediseed Man Legit?

At Mediseed Man, you may very much always find common strains available for purchase. You will also see rare and famous strains but is this real and do they really deliver to Aussies?

Is Mediseed Man Legit?

There are countless users online who vouch for Mediseed Man, but many others don’t due to no seeds arriving and no money-back guarantees. If you are after a well-known cannabis seedbank that has over 1500+ strains, all with reputable genetics plus stealth shipping to Australia with moneyback and replacements, check out our Herbies Seeds Review.

Mediseed Man Reviews from Others

Reviews from Reddit Regarding Mediseed Man Australia

Redditors Blocked from Mediseed Man Website

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Recent Reddit reviews of Mediseed Man

The Mediseed Man Reddit reviews suggest, the quality of seeds is pricey for what it’s worth and you can get more reputable seeds from other seed banks such as Weed Seeds Australia.

The majority of testimonials, reviews, and comments left by Mediseed Man users are varied with suggestions that genetics may be random and not authentic. They also block customers who genuinely need an order replacement or money-back for their failed seeds purchase.

The Best Strains from Mediseed Man

Mediseed Man categorises their cannabis strains according to their place of origin, cannabinoids such as CBD and THC, how they are grown and other factors. Some of the best strains that Mediseed Man has to offer are easily found with just a few clicks.

If you can’t find the best strains via their website, here is a bullet point list of three of their top sellers:

  • Afghan Kush
  • Ak 47
  • OG Kush

Contact for Mediseed Man Australia

Contact Mediseed Man

You may want to contact the Mediseed Man staff for some questions right? On the menu via the website, you can easily do this. This section provides direct contact information for the customer support team. You have the choice between submitting a request for assistance or contacting the company via email. However, users say they do not receive a response at all with any of the contact methods above.

Mediseed Man Notes

You will not obtain immediate assistance through live chat support to guide you through your enquiries if you require assistance right away. Because of this, it is possible that you must patiently await for an email to be answered. However, this does not appear to be much of a problem given that they have a very detailed FAQ page as well as a customer service landing page, both of which promptly clear up any questions or concerns you may have.

Prices of Seeds at Mediseed Man

Pricing is at the standard rate, with discounts, and special offers announced regularly. As was just stated, their prices are really fair and not out of reach at all. In addition to that, you might be able to find deals on occasion on particular strains of cannabis. When you are interested in purchasing a particular strain, you will need to keep an eye out for discounts as this is most likely a tactic that is implemented during various times of the year. You can be certain that the price tag you catch at Mediseed Man will be one that you won’t find anywhere else if you combine a discount plus the already affordable cost that Mediseedman offers.

Mediseed Man Shipping & Returns

Mediseed Man states orders are processed within a week, and they offer stealth shipping to Aussies. Your delivery should reach you between one to four weeks, although this entirely depends on where you are located and the number of orders Mediseed Man has to process.

Cancellation Policy of Mediseed Man

It is not too difficult to cancel an order if it has not yet been processed for payment or sent. You will need to get in touch with customer service if the shipment is taking an excessively long time despite the fact that the purchase is still being processed. Since the policy on returns is not mentioned anywhere on the website, it is highly likely that you will need to get in touch with customer service regarding this matter as well.

Payment Methods for Mediseed Man

There is a wide variety of monetary payment choices available including Visa/Debit cards, wire transfers, and even virtual currencies like Bitcoin can be used to make payments online.

There aren’t any guarantees for payments made by cash in the mail, bank transfers, checks, money orders, or other payments.

Mediseed Man Website U.I.

We thought that the website had an appealing design all around. The website could use some little tweaks here and there, but other than that, it is really simple to use and it is simple to navigate your way through the various steps of the checkout process. The menu is easy to digest, the home page layout is well-structured and graphically appealing and the images are strategically placed to give the user an idea of the strains on offer.

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