High THC Strains

high thc cannabis seeds for Australia


Are you interested in cannabis strains that are more potent than anything else you’ve ever encountered, including those you had in high school? Our high THC strains all have THC levels of over 20%, and some even reach up to 30%. Are you prepared for that? Naturally, because you get such a kick out of the euphoric high that the THC gives you.


The majority of cannabis seeds that have a high percentage of THC are hybrids, and some examples of these strains are Chiquita Banana, Blue Dream, and Bruce Banner. What kind of excitement are you looking to experience? very conducive to reflection and meditation, exceptionally calming, or psychedelic? Be advised that in addition to regular autoflowering seeds, we also sell high THC varieties such as AK47 Auto, Purple Punch Auto, and Green Crack Auto.

To achieve the highest possible THC result, either the grow chamber settings need to be optimized, or the weather conditions outside must be favourable. The first is not difficult to obtain in Australia; these days, a grow shop can be found in every major city in Australia. In certain locations, such as Sydney, Perth, or Melbourne, there is easy access to more than one.

Is there a possibility that you can get cannabis seeds with high THC?
It’s a silly question, yes it’s possible because we stock high-THC weed seeds. We make it our mission to provide cannabis strains that are rich in THC and will get you as high as a kite if you smoke enough of it.


With our high THC strains, we meticulously overlook the breeding process and where the plant is grown. It is essential to keep the growing environment clean and free of disease and pests if one wishes to obtain a harvest that contains the highest potential quantities of THC.

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