Looking for information on our best cannabis seed breeders for Australia? No worries. Here’s our top 10 picks (to order from them, click the orange titles to be taken over to the breeders page). We have more breeders than whats listed below but these our are top 10 picks for Aussie growers.

Please note, our picks for the top ten seed breeders for Aus are all producers which Herbies is partnered with, so don’t be afraid to order from that seed breeders particular range at Herbies seed bank online. It’s all still guaranteed to be same seeds.

Cannabis Seed Breeders for Australia

No. 1 – Herbies Head Shop

herbies seed breeder australiaA lot of people have asked many questions regarding Herbies own range of seeds for Australia and we’ve finally revealed it. Herbies has developed a collection of premium marijuana seeds that have been cross bred from the very best genetics available today.

They have pinpointed what their consumers are after and mixed it all in to create some of the most sought after and affordable pot seeds in Australia.

More info on Herbies Seeds

No. 2 – Barneys Farm

Barneys Farm cannabis seeds Australia review

If your a cannabis connoisseur, I’m sure during one of your coffee talks in the morning you may heard about Barneys Farm. This seed bank is world renowned for delivering some of the best cannabis seeds in the world.

Barneys Farm Australia has a massive range of strains that have gone on and won awards at events such as the Cannabis Cup. They have 40 Cannabis Cup wins under their belt for their breeding efforts and thats no easy task. Barney’s Farm is one of the best cannabis seed breeders around.

More info on Barneys Farm

No. 3 – Green House Seeds

green house seed bank deliver to Australia

If your looking for one of the oldest seed banks to date, this is hands down your best breeder. Green House Seeds delivers to Australia via the Herbies website linked above. You might be pleasantly surprised to discover that they stock a great deal of Green House Seeds highest performing cannabis strains.

If you didn’t know, Green House Seeds Australia got their name from the award-winning hit TV/Youtube show named Strain Hunters. This weed TV series was made by Arjan Roskam, a legendary pot activist and the creator of Green House Seed Company and Green House coffeeshops.

Strain Hunters is basically about searching the globe far and wide to find and save landrace marijuana strains and other amazing strains for all the cannabis connoisseurs out there to enjoy.

More info about Green House Seed Co

No. 4 – Advanced Seeds

Advanced Seeds marijuana seedbank review AusTo find famous (or maybe infamous more-so) cannabis seeds such as White Widow, AK 47, Jack Herrer and other well known marijuana strains, check out Advanced Seeds!

Yes from Herbies you order from this beast of a seed breeder to order not only those household name strains but you can also find plenty of other hybrid strains which can be ridiculously potent.

Be careful with your selection as it could just knock you out. In recent days, Advanced Seeds has been stocking Autoflower cannabis seeds for Australians with time restrictions.

More info on Advanced Seeds

No. 5 – Dinafem Seeds

Dinafem Seeds aims to provide Australians and other growers worldwide, a great selection of genetics derived from the most incredible strains.

They were founded in 2010 however Mister Green Fingers, (the seedbank owner) was breeding strains from as early as 2002. He’s been well into proper researching and crossbreeding of marijuana strains that have proven to wow the world with the produce.

He meticulously analyses cannabis data and follows a stringent selection process that he developed himself. All these years of studying lead to Dinafem Seeds fame and glory in the cannabis business today.

More info on Dinafem Seeds

No. 6 – Big Head Seeds

If your a licensed medical cannabis grower in Australia and are looking for crops that produce big results, Big Head Seeds is a perfect choice.

Their strains develop into large commercial plants that produce high amounts of THC with unique tastes and effects. Not only are the THC contents incredibly high, CBD is also through the roof on some strains making it great for medicinal users.

Big Head Seeds is a collaboration between US and EU breeders – mixing up the best of both worlds to create amazing varieties.

More info on Big Head Seeds

No. 7 – Dutch Passion Seeds

Order Dutch Passion seeds from Australia

Once again, if your looking for a titan in the cannabis seed breeder world, this is an excellent producer to sink your teeth into. With the rapidly changing landscape of cannabis since its establisment, Dutch Passion seeds still delivers to Australia in an uncompromised manner.

They hold incredible weed strains and through Herbies they deliver to Australia. Since the 80’s, Dutch Passion has held its ground and evolved to meet the needs of tens of thousands of cannabis seed hunters around the world. They offer strains that are feminised, autoflower and high in CBD. Have a sus at Weed Seeds Australia  to  find  more  illusive strains.

More info on Dutch Passion

No. 8 – Monster Geneticsbuy monster cannabis strains australia

As the name describes, the strains from this cannabis seed breeder available in Australia, will produce MONSTER plants. If you click the orange title link above, you will be again delivered to Herbies where you can get exclusive access to their rare cannabis range. Thats right, you heard correctly – RARE marijuana seeds that only Monster Genetics can provide exclusively.

You can choose from autoflowering, feminised, sativa, indica, hybrid – you name it and you shall find. Of course common strain names may not pop up, but you’ll find a rare treat from this seed breeder if your

willing to invest.

More info on Monster Genetics

No. 9 – Heavyweight Seeds

A big contender hailing from Spain, Heavyweight Seeds has been long in the game going back to 2008. This cannabis seedbreeder may not be as old as Dutch Passion or Barneys Farm but since it entered the market, they have been knocking out competition.

Heavyweight seeds aim is simple. Provide high quality marijuana seeds at affordable prices. It’s what the people want so here they are delivering just that – high grade weed seeds to those who are on a budget but still want a premium punch.

More info on Heavyweight Seeds

No. 10 – Seedstockers Australia

The crew at Seedstockers are a friendly and helpful bunch, with 30+ years of combined experience, they can easily be a goto for marijuana seed collectors world wide. They are an Australian favourite which often gets stocked by individual seed retailers down under whom sell it for novelty purposes, for collection in other words.

They have extensive networking skills which has allowed them to connect with many breeders around the world to give you their classic products. Their strains range from Autoflower, feminised, photosentive seeds at a very affordable price. Our Seedstockers Australia review rates these guys at A+, we couldn’t recommend this breeder enough for quality and price.

More info about Seedstockers Australia

Final Words on Cannabis Seed Breeders for Australians

As you can see, there are 10 recommendations made by us here, all of which you should check their info page to make a more informed decision. If you are going to purchase from any of these seed banks, its good to have a bit of info on their marijuana strains so you know what your getting. Each seed breeder can even be a seedbank for Aussies directly but changes happen all the time.

Which marijuana seed breeder do we recommend the most to Aussies?

Well, if it was up to us we would choose Herbies Head Shop. Hesbies has a great selection of pot seeds for Australia, always top quality, greet chat support, good team, excellent delivery times which are stealth and the price is always right. If you want to check them out, be our guest and leave your review below.