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G’day everyone, today we’re going to review Barney’s Farm seeds for Australia because people have asked. Some questions in mind we’re whether they deliver to Australia? How long does delivery take? Are the shipping methods they use quick? Is it stealth delivery etc?

These are all important questions to ask before purchasing from Barney’s Farm in Australia. Today we’ll try to answer as many questions as best as we can.

Just to mention, Barney’s is No.2 in our list of best breeders for Australia, No. 1 being Herbies. Check out the full list of cannabis seed breeders that ship to Australia here.

The most important question is “Does Barney’s Farm Deliver to Australia?”

If your internet savvy, you probably went and Googled that first to bring up a bunch of results that may not have answered your question directly.

So, the results are in but your not satisfied with the answer – you probably know there’s better results out there..

So.. Its your lucky day, we’ll break it down to you clearly. Barney’s Farm delivers to Australia but not directly themselves.

You have to use another seedbank and breeder which is Barney’s Farm partner, Herbies.

Herbies is from Spain but they stock Barneys Farm seeds for Aussies and ship their seeds down under all the time.

Thats right. You can order from Herbies Head Shop online and get some souvenir Barney’s seeds delivered to you in stealth if you wish.

When we say stealth, seeds will be taken out of the original breeders packaging and transferred into a saddy bag (clear, plastic satchels) to be sent without worries.

The order may appear to be a random item that you may have got of Wish.

In countries such as Australia, the seeds will be sent in stealth by default but you can choose otherwise. If you wish for your order to come with its original packaging, your order will get sent inside a DVD case.

Buy Cannabis Seeds Australia

Easy, peasy.

It’s important to note, that Herbies makes no guarantees with shipment but their low prices make up for any hassles.

If you buy from Barneys Farm seeds via Herbies, they cannot make a refund if the delivery fails. It’s your call if you wish to go through with it.

At Herbies, your privacy is kept in mind and discretion is always exercised with each order. Your cannabis seeds will arrive in a plain brown envelope with your name and address only – no mention of the contents in the envelope or DVD case if you choose this option.

An extra layer of protection Herbies is that there is no receipt or mention of where you got the seeds from. It’s as plain as can be.

How long will it take to get cannabis seeds sent to me from Barneys Farm (Herbies) to Australia?

If you do decide to order from Barney’s Farm to get cannabis seeds sent to you, you’re probably thinking how long it will take to get from Spain to Australia – as this is we’re your package will come from.

From Spain, it will take 33-37 days (just under a month) to get seeds to you in Australia. It’s worth it though if your getting seeds from a well renowned seed bank.

Barney’s Farm Australia – From Herbies – Quick Run Down

Overall, the experience from ordering Barney’s Farm seeds from Herbies is quite straight forward. The seedbank website is clean and easy to navigate.

Your payments and private information are secured with SSL along with Certified Mail.

The seeds have always arrived undamaged and delivery times are consistent.

We’d give the whole experience a 5 star rating. But go check it out for yourself!


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