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If you have any questions you want to ask Weed Seeds Australia, this is the place to do it. Whether its about cannabis seeds, delivery times etc. Feel free to ask here.


  • simplestoner says:

    So I go to the menu, click “buy seeds”, choose the strain I want, place an order and Herbies sends me the seeds?

  • simplestoner says:

    Sweet, thumbs up on the updates!

  • weedseedsaustralia says:

    Yeah it looks better than before, and is allot easier for everyone to use.

  • Ol' geeza says:

    Thank You Weed Seeds Australia! I wish I could shake your hand with the ecstacy I feel from receiving your strains. You have made my day quite vibrant with the arrival of White Widow and OG Kush. Again, thank you!

    • weedseedsaustralia says:

      Don’t have a heart attack now 😉 ahah but in all seriousness, comments like yours is what keeps us going! cheers and good luck!

  • Sinbud says:

    I orded so when does it arrive roughy for tassie?

  • weedseedsaustralia says:

    Give or take 1 – 2 weeks, sometimes 3. If it’s any longer give us a message.

  • Rob says:

    I just came, seeds arrived!! Thanks Weed Seeds Australia! cant wait

  • Bobby says:


  • bignick says:

    Want to order some seeds, how long will it take to recieve some to rural west victoria ??

    • weedseedsaustralia says:

      Hey mate, thanks for your interest, shouldn’t take more than 2 weeks. Any longer and we’ll give you a full refund or replace the seeds for ya.

  • The Cannaking says:

    Thanks ! got my order.

  • in10ce says:

    Hi Mate
    Just confirming delivery is 100% for sure !
    Western Sydney NSW
    Suppose Im just looking for a good feeling before ordering !!!
    You could tell me anything .. pmsl

  • Margaret says:

    Also, do seeds have an odour that would be detectable by quarantine detector dogs?
    I know I must sound paranoid, but I’ve had that many things confiscated by customs over the years……with letters stating I had 14 days to produce appropriate prescriptions/documents or they would be destroyed!

  • Ann carr says:

    Which is the best for THC content? Do you have indicated strain?

  • Stealth Grow Bong 420 says:

    Thanks heaps for the delivery!

  • Kim says:

    Gday, I have sent away for seeds five times from four different seed companies (not this one ) and spent nearly a thousand dollars, and I have only received one order and that was back in 2011, since then nothing. Can anybody help, are our names being entered on a customs alert database or something, because I cannot get a thing through and I am so bloody angry! and afraid to order any more. and by the way do all the seized seeds end up in the hands organised crime, because I have never heard from customs, not once or do Aus post just nick them.

  • Kim says:

    A retraction

    I posted recently that I had not received my seeds, while that is true my claim that the guarantee
    is dishonoured, this is false. They do honour there guarantee and for my posts I unreservedly retract my statements and apologize.

    • Weed Seeds Australia says:

      glad things we’re sorted Kim! There is a lot of interest with our seeds so keeping up with all these orders gets pretty hefty as you could imagine.

      Hope the seeds turn out well!

      • Mrs Jackie Davis says:

        Can you please advise me which are the best medicinal plants. I am not looking to get high, just to get relief from severe chronic pain and depress. I can not smoke it as I have severe COPD (never smoked) so would need to extract oil.

        • If your looking for medical cannabis strains, in our seed shop, search for Afghan, AK 47, Amnesia Haze, Big Bud, Blueberry or Durban Poison. These marijuana strains are perfect for medical use. Just let us know if you need a bigger list.

  • Brian Jackson says:

    After high cbd strain

    • Weed Seeds Australia says:

      We have a way of filtering High CBD strains from our Seedbank. Just go in seedbank find filters should be able to locate a good high cbd strain there!

  • John Purcell says:

    do you pay in u.s dollars .tar john

  • high CBD strain seeker says:

    g’day guys I am seeking a high CBD strain seeds. so far I found sour tsunami as a strain. Do you have it or know where I may purchase it online?

  • Adrian Bichescu says:

    Hi, how long until money is taken from account? Placed order last Thursday. Just checking to see if my order is confirmed. And how long would delivery to the Gold Coast take?

  • jai says:

    hi,am wanting to buy some seeds for a first indoor small tent grow,am wondering which ones are best,wanted the super skunk,but just wondered if there was any others that are great for small area but high quality yeilds.and also how do they arrive in the mail,just in a letter.? with no dramas..tks again.

    • Weed Seeds Australia says:

      Id go for lowryder they are the top performing small indoor plant. lots of yield and quick growth and flower

  • Steve Ringland says:

    Can you get the seed to Australia quickly

  • Max D says:

    You guys still here?

  • John says:

    Hi I am in WA and have ordered once from Amsterdam and seeds didn’t arrive. Have since found that many seed companies wont ship to WA or QLD because of seizure rates. How about you guys? Is this an issue or does your guarantee of delivery still hold?

    • Weed Seeds Australia says:

      We ship down under and if packages are lost, destroyed etc, you may be eligible for a refund or reshipment of your seed order.

  • 420cooker says:

    I have made an order to the westurn suburbs of melbourne and i have orded a selth case for them so will they get to me safe

  • Helen Figg says:

    Are you the same as the old site

  • Paul Netherclift says:

    Rick Simpson talks about Indica, purest possible with a high THC content to kill Cancer.
    Since I can’t find someone reputable, is close, and can supply oil or product, looks like I’ll have to make my own herb garden.

    Can someone tell me if what Rick Simpson saids is true and if I can buy products / what products to buy here, to start my own herb garden please.

    • Weed Seeds Australia says:

      Depends on your specific case, look into your diagnosis and look for a cannabis strain that medicates your specific illness.

  • Paul says:

    I left a comment and question here a few days ago.
    Is this site working ??

  • Weed Seeds Australia says:

    Yeah shouldnt be a problem. Try it again

  • Ant says:

    Hey guys want to order some blue berry for the page is dicking me around. How long will postage take to Brisbane, thanks

  • koah says:

    do you send seeds to new Zealand ?

  • Hallzy says:

    I just bought some seeds, how long roughly will it take to get to south of WA

  • yd says:

    Can you accept poste restante in Australia?

  • Sharon Jones says:

    What is the best seeds for medicinal uses, have extreme chronic pain in back and hips, plus tumours in liver. TIA

  • mark O'leary says:

    Hello there.Im in Perth OZ.Just wondering could i get seeds posted to me thru our Domestic Mail ? Our Customs here seem to be pretty Good at their Job..Thx

  • d says:

    are you guys still shipping seeds out?

  • Nick says:

    Are you still shipping to Australia?

  • Brian says:

    Would like an outdoor strain, something old school bush cruisy, can you help an old hippie out? That indoor boom time stuff i just cant handle anymore lol.

  • John says:

    HI There
    Do you take Paypal as a payment option and just list it as nuts and bolts or something?

  • nick says:

    biggest yield decent Thc levels can you name a few ,bought california dreams turned out beautiful but companys seed were old sprout rate was very bad also bought the extreme cookies trying the sprout rate at the moment hopefully better wont name the company but you know who they are :)although accomodating and proffessional seeds are old from mr bergs not happy.hopefully they picj their game up i like dealing with them :)if not please name a few biggest yielders high thc thanks

    • John says:

      Hey mate I have a seed called blue dream…it is near 30% THC and gives 700gm per square meter. Its not for sale I am just saying 🙂 ok
      I just grew/growing chocolate cush, ICE and bubblegum…all three give beautiful flowers in absolute abundance. I haven’t cut them down yet I have 3 weeks to go but I pollinated them to get seeds and I am glad i did cos like I said the flowers, especially on the chocolate one, are just marvelous to look at and the smell is divine.

      • nick says:

        just finished california dreams really nice plants big yields very high thc , just the seeds sucked they were old but sprouted all my cookie extreme seeds from same company so realised other seeds were old will be rectified with the company as they are pretty proffesional i want to try blue dream but dont see it on this website

    • We would recommend Blue Dream for big yields and high THC levels

  • nick says:

    i dont see blue dream on your sight only blueberry?

  • Ad says:

    How long in take to get seeds in Australia

  • Hi

    We ship cannabis seeds all across the world, please make an order and you will see if your country is included in the list of countries we ship weed seeds to.

  • Linda says:

    Hello, I’m wanting some seeds to use in biscuits for chronic pain. Could you please advise the best and strongest available. Also are your seeds all female and how long do they take to grow and produce. I live in Western Australia, thankyou for your help

    • Hi Linda

      If your looking for seeds that will kill any type of pain, search Blackberry Kush on our shop page.

      Blackberry Kush is an Indica predominant strain that has very high levels of THC.


      Another strong pain killer, high in CBD and THC is ACDC.

      Due to its high levels of both THC and CBD, this makes it one of the most potent painkillers out there

      Let us know if you need any more help

      • Sawyer Davidson says:

        I am definitely looking into that. I have neck pain and I get migraines. Do you think that would take the edge off both problems or should I get one specifically for neck pain and one for migraines? I would love it if I could find pain relief from both problems. I take Nurtec but I’m a bit unsure about the side effects. Thanks! Finding the right product from the Aussie Seed Bank could change my life.

        • Please see our home page and click “view strains” or “buy cannabis seeds” to get redirected to the official seed bank where you can find more information and talk to someone on live chat or email support. Try typing in “neck pain” on the official seed bank and filter through the results.

  • Geoff Day-Lewis says:

    What’s the best variaty for arthritis

    • G’day Geoff

      The best strain for arthritis we can think off from the top of our heads is Harlequin.

      This strain boasts a high 10 – 15% in CBD and a modest 7% in THC – both which will help you with the arthritis.

      Harlequin won’t give you an intoxicated feeling either, users report that they experience an alert-like effect good for daytime medicating.

      Let us know how you go

  • REG RICKETTS says:


  • Big Steve says:

    Nice just got my order here in NSW. Thanks for the cannabis seeds and freebies much love from Australia

  • James Darwood says:

    I was reading about buying high quality cannabis seeds from an Aussie Seed Bank and saw a term I never saw before—strains for souvenir purposes. What exactly is that? I’ve heard about medical and recreational strains but souvenir is new to me. If anyone can explain, I’d be greatly appreciative.

  • Morgan Christopher says:

    With so many cannabis seeds in Australia and marijuana seeds in Australia, it’s not easy for a newbie like me to find the right mix. Here’s my situation: I suffer from arthritis and was wondering if there is a strain for me that will deal with the pain while also relaxing me a little bit. However, I’m also looking to get a strain for my parents who have very bad arthritis. That strain shouldn’t have any recreational properties as they aren’t very big on marijuana, but I’m trying to show them that medical marijuana can be helpful.

    • Please see our homepage and click the “view strains” button. Once you do that, you will land on the official marijuana seed bank. Start browsing there, enter some keywords on the search and read up on the different strains and their effects. We can’t give you a clear winner but we can say, once you find the strain that is best for you, you will fall in love. Theres a live chat and email support at the official seed bank please ask your question there for a better answer.

  • Henry Brookstone says:

    I have a question. What is the best way to preserve seeds if I accidentally open the package before I am ready to use them. Weed Seeds Australia seems to know a lot about cannabis and marijuana seeds in Australia (and so do some of the people commenting here) so please help!

  • Sam Danvers says:

    I loved reading some of the articles here, especially about the million-dollar marijuana bust. It sounds like your on the same page as me as far as marijuana goes (medical and otherwise). If you’re going after illegal drugs, why not go after the hard stuff like heroin and cocaine? Marijuana has a number of proven benefits and I have to ask who is profiting from vilifying it.

  • Dallas Brinkworth says:

    Here’s what I want. I am experimenting with growing for baking. I just bought a butter machine and want to know what is an ideal breed for helping you sleep without putting you into a coma, and one that blends particularly well when you cook it. As you can tell, I am a novice so if you have any suggestions or books/ebooks to help me cook, I’d be appreciative. I know where to get cannabis seeds and marijuana seeds in Australia but need help with picking the right ones.

  • Jacob Fuller says:

    I’ve quickly and reading not just about Australian seedbanks but the articles on U.S. ones. I live in New York where we will be allowed to grow our own. There are courses being held at a nearby college about growing but I haven’t had the money to take them. I’d like to grow Purple Kush but I want to know if it’s feasible to grow in Western New York (which has wild weather fluctuations) or whether I should grow indoors.

    • Hi Jacob

      Glad to hear you are in spot like that! Great things are happening there in America especially due to the Green Rush there.

      I’d be making the most out of your grow so I personally would suggest grow indoor weed for better odds against the elements.

      Growing marijuana outside can be a massive headache as you dont know what the weather is like, you dont know if someone might steal your marijuana crop, even insects and disease plus other wild life can be pain!

      Grow indoor marijuana I say if permitted. Best of luck!

  • Mallory Jackson says:

    I was reading about Chemdawg (who comes up with these names?) and I liked how the article on it said it is not something for beginners to try and grow. I never knew there were so many different items available from Australian seedbanks but Weed Seeds Australia has provided quite the education!

    • Thanks Mallory! Yeah these names can get a bit hectic. Theres even strain names like Green Crack, LSD, Ice, Trainwreck, Opium and Amnesia Haze which all sounds like sh&* is about to get serious real quick if consumed. Haha.

      If anyone knows of other hectic strain names, comment or reply below with the name of the marijuana strain.

  • Derek James says:

    I’m looking for some weed to help me with my anxiety and think Banana Kush might be the right choice . Australian Weed Seeds provided everything I needed to know as far as content goes. My only concern is that I don’t want to zone out at work (office work). Any ideas on how to use it or whether I should try something different?

    • We cant give you medical advice on what marijuana strains will help for you but we do know from experience BCN XXL Critical Auto from the cannabis seed bank on the home page has helped others in the past with anxiety like a friend of ours, Corbin.

  • Riley Harris says:

    I read “Cannabis Seed Breeders for Australia” and it reminds me of how clever humans are when it comes to figuring out new ways to develop things. I’d like to know what each story is behind the different cannabis seeds in Australia as well as the different marijuana strains in Australia. How many people are self taught and how many studied in university?

  • Ridge Harris says:

    Has anyone used the Apotforpot grow kit? I saw the ad for it over on another page at Weed Seeds Australia. I’m a newbie and dummy proof is just what I’m looking for. Does this kit do everything it claims? After reading the description, it looks like I don’t need to buy anything (besides seeds). Sounds good but I’d like feedback.

  • C.C. Hunt says:

    Can Weed Seeds Australia send my seeds to my business office? I live with my parents and don’t want them accidentally opening them because they’re still on the fence about medical marijuana.

    • We don’t ship seeds personally, we just promote the best marijuana seed banks which deliver to Australia. Currently, the best cannabis seedbank for Australia is Herbies. Im sure getting your kush seeds delivered to your business shouldnt be a problem – as seeds are sent in stealth.

  • Sandy Creener says:

    I saw people talking about the smells from the different flowers. Do the smells indicate anything particular about the plant’s potency or effects? Just wondering and I imagine there are lots of people here at Weed Seeds Australia that can explain things to a novice

  • Dave S, says:

    Hi. I’ve found that marijuana is helpful for relaxation and pain, but here’s my problem. I take Prozac and I have serotonin syndrome. That means that if I use marijuana, it causes side effects including negating the benefits of my Prozac. Is there any type of cannabis that won’t interact with my Prozac? I’m not looking for medical advice but anecdotal evidence from anyone who has a similar condition as mine.

  • Billie Rowlandson says:

    Does marijuana have any preventative qualities? This site is more about Australian seed banks, but I have seen some helpful articles here too. I know next to nothing about medical marijuana other than it’s been shown to do some amazing things. For example, can it reduce the risk of strokes, lower blood pressure, or anything people are stuck taking medicine for?

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