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Buy Cannabis Seeds in Australia

Weed Seeds Australia offers rare, medical and cannabis cup winner marijuana strains.

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Welcome to our cannabis seedbank, Weed Seeds Australia.

Looking for cannabis seeds that thrive well in the Australian climate? Look no further! Our very own online weed seedbank ships Australia wide and has a large collection of feminised and auto-flowering cannabis seeds that are perfect for growing down under. 

We also offer CBD-rich strains for customers with different demands so they can shop with us and meet their needs respectively. Weed Seeds Australia features marijuana seeds that are great for beginner and expert cultivators.

Our knowledgeable and professional team selects the best seeds for you and stays relevant in the Aussie cannabis industry. 

If you want a reliable cannabis seedbank that ships to Australia, Weed Seeds Australia has your back with a promise to help you grow our great seed genetics with confidence.




What weed seeds do we stock suited for the Australian climate?

Feminised cannabis seeds are an excellent start for guaranteed buds. For ease of production, high potency, and wonderful flavors, we recommend autoflowering cannabis strains to most growers, especially newcomers in marijuana cultivation.

Using any of our weed seeds for Australia will grant you a good start with your growing endeavour. Use the High THC, Cold Weather, Yields option in our shop section to pick a strain that suits you.

For further reassurance, you can check our customer reviews and descriptions for medical, sativa, and indica strains.


Our high-tech greenhouse produces feminised and auto-flowering seeds. The Australian Capital Territory has legalised cannabis growing for recreational use as long as they stay within the boundaries of the local laws.

We work on over 50 types and perfect famous strains like Amnesia, Bruce Banner, OG Kush, White Widow, Runtz, Diesel, Blue Dream, Northern Lights, and White Widow. 

Our goal is to increase crop output and THC levels, while also satisfying cannabis growers in various Australian settings, including Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Perth, Darwin, Townsville, Gold Coast, Alice Spring, Albany, Orange, and others.


Our weed seeds ship to Australia directly and payments are made really easily using PayPal, Credit/Debit Card, BitCoin and Bank Transfers.

The delivery takes 7–15 business days. About 85% of deliveries succeed as long as the stealth option is selected.

Parcels come in little white envelopes, shirts or DVD cases. Refer to the Shipping page for more info on delivery methods.


Weed Seeds Australia

Medical, Popular & Cannabis Cup Winner Strains

Buy regular, feminised and autoflower marijuana seeds which range from Medical, Popular and Cannabis Cup Winner strains from Australia. We also provide a free grow guide for you to download below.



You must have a valid permit and license from the Office of Drug Control (ODC) to import cannabis seeds to Australia.

“To import cannabis seeds or cannabis genetic material you need from ODC:

  • a cannabis licence and a permit under the Act
  • an import licence and a permit under the Customs Regulations” – Extracted from the ODC website.

You may still be able to purchase seed stock online from overseas seed banks but if you don’t have a permit and license from the ODC, your seeds may be sent back or destroyed by customs. You may also be prosecuted.

“Importers will also need an import permit issued by the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (DAWR). DAWR has established import conditions for cannabis seeds and details can be found in their import conditions system, BICON” – Extracted from the ODC website.

If you possess or cultivate cannabis in Australia, it is prohibited unless you’re in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) where there are some exceptions (not federally). It’s worth noting that the ACT allows its residents to grow up to 2 marijuana plants per person with a maximum of 4 plants per household.
If you order cannabis seeds from our links, it is at your own risk and we do not accept responsibility for your actions.
We STRONGLY do not condone anyone to act in conflict with their local laws therefore we ask you to review the laws in your country and state before you buy cannabis seeds. 


Currently, our recommended cannabis seed bank for Australia is Herbies simply due to their large selection. Please check back regularly for updates. Herbies have been around for years servicing those on the search for amazing Medical, Popular and Cannabis Cup winner strains.


Our link to Herbies seed bank for Australia boasts a large selection of over 1500+ cannabis strains. Don’t forget! Check out our Facebook page for social info, we have over 2700 likes and almost 3000 followers – we think this is a sign that people are happy with our links.


Herbies sources seeds from award winning cannabis breeders such as Sensible Seeds, Green House Seeds Co and Barneys Farm. They are well known for their famous Cannabis Cup winner varieties bred by experts.
These breeders have spent years perfecting strains potentially ideal for licensed & permitted cannabis seed importers in Australia. 
If you order from Herbies, you will be delightfully amazed at the quality difference of their cannabis strains compared to unknown seeds perhaps found locally.

Cannabis Seeds Australia

Our recommended seed bank “Herbies” delivers high quality marijuana seeds for Australians – AND their products are affordable. Not only that, Weed Seeds Australia offers a grow guide that helps users learn about marijuana strains, grow mediums, lighting, fertilisers, pests/diseases etc.

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Here’s the free grow bible to download which tells you everything you need to know from seed to harvest. It outlines the best procedures to follow for beginners and it also contains advanced techniques for seasoned growers.

Weed Seeds Australia FAQ

Can you trust Herbies seed bank?

We like to say you should be your own judge – by purchasing and reviewing the cannabis seeds, but if your not ready for that, have a look at our Facebook page (at the bottom of the page for mobiles and the top right corner for desktops). We almost have 3000 followers and our guess is that wouldn’t be the case unless people are happy with the current marijuana seed bank we recommend.

Why buy cannabis seeds online?

Simple. Growing unknown marijuana seeds will give you unexpected results. If you buy cannabis seeds from a reputable seed bank online however, you are provided with information that outlines the strains potency, yield, gender, preferred climate and more. These are all important details for potential growers.

If you want a high quality end product, invest more money on quality cannabis seeds, grow mediums, fertilisers etc from the start. Doing this will save you unnecessary headaches in the future and provide you better results in the end.

When will my marijuana seeds arrive?

The seeds come from Spain which means shipping can take from 2 to 3 weeks to arrive from overseas. Your package will be posted within 2 business days after receiving payment. Some buyers have reported delivery times to be around 10 to 15 days.

About our website

Website Information

Weed Seeds Australia is a web portal which directs users to a marijuana seed bank that delivers to Australia. The seed bank the user is directed to is subject to change without notice.

With Weed Seeds Australia’s scenario, we have chosen to direct users to the seed bank Herbies, who has been successfully shipping Medical, Popular and Cannabis Cup winner seeds to Australians for a number of years now. Herbies Head Shop delivers quality cannabis seeds thus the reason it is our pick.

Herbies has live chat, email support, reliable shipping and is consistent with their seed deliveries. Your can rest assured your order is being handled with care and will be despatched to you ASAP.

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