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We are only a portal website to guide fellow Australians to the official seed bank. We do not handle orders here. Please visit the link above to order seeds to Australia.

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What's a Web Portal?

So What Exactly is a Web Portal?

A web portal is a website which directs people to another website. The website the person is directed to is usually more useful, newer or more appealing to the audience.

With Weed Seeds Australia’s scenario, we have chosen to direct users to the company ILGM Seeds who has been successfully shipping medical cannabis seeds to Australians in need for a number of years now. ILGM Seeds has always been of high value to our team of bloggers, friends and family thus the reason it is our chosen cannabis seed bank to promote.

ILGM Seeds have never failed to deliver, resends lost orders, always quick, uses old school Airmail (which is great) and reliable with communication. Your always assured your order is getting to you.

Whats in Store?

Whats In Store At Our Online Cannabis Seedbank?

There is a selection of incredible cannabis strains in store at our official, online seedbank. All of them bred by experts and tested to grow well in the Australian environment. Just some of the strains we have which will in Australia atmosphere are; Super Silver Haze, Blueberry and OG Kush (pictured below).

Read Our Marijuana Seeds Australia Post on Our Strains To Find Out More!


Are We Trust Worthy?

Check out our Facebook page. 500+ people wouldn’t like us if we weren’t legit. Also, go search online for our track history. We’re mentioned in top cannabis forums like coffeeshopdirect.info, weed-forums.com, rollitup.org etc.. Check the reviews on our product pages as well before you buy anything. They’re uncensored comments from other people in Australia regarding our service. That should give you a fair gauge of how reputable we are.

Weed Seeds Australia Values

We Service Australis & Australasian Areas 

Weed Seeds Australia will always provide the finest quality cannabis seeds, plant boosters, cannabis eBooks plus more! We’re your local, green thumbed gardeners and are here to look after the community. We pride ourselves of staying true blue Aussie and helping the community cultivate a better future.




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