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Medical, Popular & Cannabis Cup Winner Strains

We offer feminised and autoflower marijuana seeds which range from Medical, Popular and Cannabis Cup Winner strains. We also provide a free, comprehensive grow guide for you. Our Australian cannabis seed bank aims to be a one stop shop for all things marijuana related. 


Can you purchase cannabis seeds online in Australia?

It is illegal to purchase marijuana seeds locally in Australia as of 2021, however you can order from seed banks online for souvenir/collection reasons with no worries - but the ODC (Office of Drug Control) states you need permission or an import license to do so. If you use, cultivate, sell, trade or have possession of cannabis, it is illegal in parts of Australia. If you order cannabis seeds from our seed banks links, it is at your own risk and we do not accept responsibility for your actions.
We STRONGLY do not condone anyone to act in conflict with their local laws therefore we ask you to review the regulations in your state/nation. However, its worth noting that the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) allows its residents to grow up to 2 marijuana plants per person with a maximum of 4 plants per household.

What is the best seed bank to use in Australia 2021?

Weed Seeds Australia (WSA) is the best Marijuana Seed Bank for Australia. We have been around since 2002 servicing Aussies on the hunt for true top shelf medical and Cannabis Cup winner marijuana strains.

Is Australian Seed Bank legit?

Our Australian Seed bank is legit and one of the best out there. Check out our Facebook page, we have over 2300 likes and almost 2500 followers - we think this suggests people are happy with our products and services.

Are Herbies Seeds any good?

Yes. They source seeds from award winning cannabis breeders such as Sensible Seeds and Barneys Farm. They are well known for their famous Cannabis Cup winner varieties bred by experts. These breeders have spent years perfecting the best strains for medical, recreational and souvenir purposes. If you order from MNSL, you will be delightfully amazed at the quality difference of their cannabis strains compared to the common random bag seeds you get in Australia. 

Buy Weed Seeds in Australia

We have the best selection of marijuana seeds in Australia - AND our products are affordable. Not only that, Weed Seeds Australia takes pride in making sure our customers are equipped with the right knowledge of marijuana strains, grow mediums, lights, fertilisers, pests/diseases etc before growing.

Button For Buying Weed Seeds in Australia

Free Grow Bible

To start you off, here's a free grow bible to download which tells you everything you need to know from seed to harvest. It outlines the best procedures to follow for beginners and it also contains advanced techniques for seasoned growers.

Weed Seeds Australia FAQ

Can you trust our Aussie seed bank?

We like to say for people to be their own judges by purchasing and reviewing our products, but if your not ready for that, have a look at our Facebook page (at the bottom of the page for mobiles and the top right corner for desktops). We have over 2300+ likes on there and that wouldn’t happen unless people are happy with our seed bank.

We’re also mentioned in top cannabis forums like, and etc. Check the reviews on our product pages as well before you buy anything. They’re uncensored comments from other people in Australia regarding our products and service. That should give you an idea of what we're like.

Why buy cannabis seeds online?

Simple. Growing random bag seeds will give you unexpected results. If you buy cannabis seeds from a reputable seed bank online however, you are provided with information that outlines the strains potency, yield, breed, sex, preferred climate and more. These are all important details.

If you want a high quality end product, spend the money on quality grow mediums, fertilisers, cannabis seeds, lights etc from the start. Doing this will save you unnecessary headaches in the future and provide you better results in the end.

When will my marijuana seeds arrive?

Our seeds come from Amsterdam to ensure Aussies only get the highest quality strains available online. Shipping to Australia takes from 1 to 3 weeks. Your package will be discreet and is posted within 2 business days after receiving payment. The usual delivery times are 10 to 15 days.

Sometimes your package may be held up at customs which can cause your order to be prolonged. But because our seeds are well hidden, customs will allow the package through after being inspected.

If your package doesn't make it, it's our courtesy to resend new seeds. Absolutely free!

How is the arrival of my cannabis seeds guaranteed?

If your package doesn't show up, it is our duty out of courtesy to resend the same order. For free! We have the following reshipping conditions:

* After 25 days, free reshipping takes place. Most orders are delivered within 2 weeks. The packages that don’t, will be sent in the next 2 weeks. International mail and customs may go through various delays, thus the waiting time.

* Please contact us as soon as possible if, in 25 business days you haven't received your package. If you fail to notify us within 90 days after the delivery timeframe, your order will be marked received.

* In the event you enter an incorrect address (Like accidentally typing the wrong address number), we cannot resend the order for free. The address you provide is printed out EXACTLY as you entered. However, as we do not like leaving our customers out in the cold, we provide a discount code for your next purchase with us.

* You can give us an different address for the 2nd time of shipping. We will also utilise a different stealth approach.

If unfortunately your marijuana seeds get crushed during shipment we may ask you to provide us a clear picture of the cannabis seeds in its original packaging.

Does our seed bank accept credit card, bitcoin, cash or bank transfer?

The short answer is yes. We accept credit card payments, bitcoin, cash or bank transfer. Just to mention as well, all orders from credit card purchases will never have a statement on the account mentioning anything associated to cannabis seeds.

You will get a few emails as soon as you make your order:

* One email will ask you to complete your order. Your bank account will not be billed and your order wont come through until you have confirmed this email.

* If you didn't input your credit card credentials, click the link in the second email to do so.

If you have you have entered any information incorrectly, simply start a new order. Orders that have not been paid will be removed automatically.

About our website

Website Information

Weed Seeds Australia is setup to be a web portal which directs users to another website. The website the user is directed to is usually more useful, newer or more appealing to visitors.

With Weed Seeds Australia's scenario, we have chosen to direct users to the seed bank Herbies, who has been successfully shipping cannabis cup winner seeds +other rare and medical cannabis strains to Australians for a number of years now. Herbies has never failed to deliver quality products thus the reason it is our chosen Aussie cannabis seed bank to direct you to.

Herbies have never failed to deliver, resends lost orders, always quick, uses stealth shipping (which is a must!) and reliable with communication. Your can rest assured your order is getting to you. 

If you want to order cannabis seeds in New Zealand, please check out Weed Seeds NZ