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Welcome to our Five-Star Weed Seeds Australia Seedbank. Buy your favourite cannabis strains and have them delivered discreetly to you in Australia.

  • Sydney, NSW
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Our Story

Widest Range of Weed Seeds Australia Online

Weed Seeds Australia is partnered with a cannabis marketing network and a Spanish cannabis seedbank which boasts the largest range of marijuana strains. Not only that, but Herbies is also very affordable giving new cannabis growers a chance to cultivate top shelf marijuana varieties. When you’re ready to grow, be it Autoflower or Feminised weed strains in Australia, ILGM Seeds and us have your back.

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Feminized ILGM Seeds are the go-to type of cannabis strains. When you grow feminized cannabis seeds in Australia, you are guaranteed an end result which is buds (harvestable marijuana flowers).

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