Indica Strains

indica weed leaf


What is an Indica Strain?

Indica was initially classified as a plant species in 1785 by French naturalist and biologist Jean-Baptiste Lamarck. Indica plants have large leaves and are short and bushy.

Indica strains produce dense beds and are pungent. Purple bud is likely Indica. Colder temperatures can modify the plant’s color, and Indica originated in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India. These extreme climates caused plants to adapt to in-climate weather. Indica strains still grow quicker, blossom earlier, and produce heavy resin on their buds.

Effects of an Indica Strain

A common way to recall Indica’s main effect is “in-da-couch.” This term refers to the strain’s remarkable “body high,” or hefty bodily experience. People like Indica-heavy strains because they can relax and make them fall asleep faster. Indica enthusiasts recommend using this strain before night rather than during the day.

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