Quick Cannabis Strains

Fast flowering weed seeds Australia


Many cannabis growers in Australia want a quick harvest. There are many different reasons why someone might want this as growing marijuana can land them in hot water if they are in a state where it is illegal to cultivate.

Fast flowering marijuana seeds

In many states in Australia and New Zealand, growing weed is illegal; hence, the sooner they start and finish their grow, the fewer chances they have of being found and having to deal with legal issues as a result of their actions. Therefore growers seek the quickest harvest possible in order to improve their turnover and reduce risks.

Fast growing and flowering marijuana strains enable gardeners to harvest sooner and lessen repercussions, making them ideal for outdoor cultivators in countries like Australia.

Cannabis seeds with a quick flowering time

In this section, you will have the opportunity to select from genotypes that have been bred by our partner seedbanks with the sole intention of accelerating the rate at which you can cultivate the most popular strains in less time. Some cannabis seeds require a photoperiod to blossom, while others bloom on their own.

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