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Sacred Seeds Australia Review | Are they legit?

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Sacred Seeds is an Australian cannabis seed company. They believe that sharing and collecting seeds is an important task to contribute to the survival of life on Earth. They offer fresh seeds at low costs, with fast shipment from within Australia by registered post, allowing you to follow your order from beginning to end. However, is Sacred Seeds legit?

Sacred Seeds Review

Upon our journey to collecting seeds of all kinds – especially cannabis, we stumbled Sacred Seeds. We decided to try out the seeds they have on offer and write up a review about them.

As a lot of Australians are turning to the internet to source seeds locally, we thought reviewing Sacred Seeds would bring clarity to folks down under.

About Sacred Seeds

Sacred Seeds is an Australia-based seed bank selling high-quality cannabis seeds as souvenirs. They provide true domestic Australia delivery and service, and their seeds are shipped in 100% environmentally friendly and compostable packaging. Fresh cannabis seeds from Australia will be sent to your door in less than a week after purchase plus no need to worry about customs. All cannabis seed shipment is sent from Australia directly to your door.

Why Buy from Sacred Seeds?

Sacred Seeds is a premier cannabis seed bank with many years of expertise that specialises on generating high-quality weed seeds.
Sacred Seeds soon established itself as the first company to introduce American genetics in many forms such as feminised and autoflower strains to the cannabis seed industry. Notably, their most recent inventions have broken global THC level records for autoflowering strains, cementing our reputation for quality.

We’ve been active participants in the world’s major cannabis cups and events, gaining recognition and countless accolades. Sacred Seeds is happy to have attended international cannabis events such as the Autoflower World Cup, the American Autoflower Cup, POTY, the Autoflower Cannabis Cup, and many others.

History of Sacred Seeds

Sacred Seeds has been at the forefront of cannabis innovation for many years. As one of Australias first local seedbank to sell amazing feminised and CBD genetics, they explore new and ancient varieties with zeal, focused on building a genetic library with a diverse set of distinct features.

Sacred Seeds has collaborated with other similar seed banks to establish one of the most broad and extensive seed catalogues on the planet, as well as their own premium cannabis cultivars. With over 50 cultivars in their ever-expanding seed bank, they are lighting a path to a more diverse cannabis business that can meet the demands of every medical and adult consumer.

As the cannabis legalisation movement gains momentum around the world, so does the need for ongoing innovation, refinement, and wider access to pedigree genetics. Sacred Seeds was created on these values, and they continue to be devoted to improving plant health, seed quality, and selection to ensure we supply strains that consistently perform.

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