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Purchasing marijuana seeds in Sydney will be covered in this article, basically, you just got to know where to look. But first… For those of you who are unfamiliar with Sydney e.g. tourists or potentially new residents, here is a quick rundown of the place.

Sydney is arguably Australia’s most beautiful city. It is the most highly populated, boasting a population of over 5 million people and many of which are 420-friendly. It is home to the Sydney Opera House, located on the waterfront of Sydney Harbour in the state capital of New South Wales. It is one of Australia’s most recognisable landmarks.

Darling Harbour and Circular Quay are Sydney’s busiest ports, while the neighbouring Harbour Bridge and Royal Botanic Garden are architectural and cultural highlights. The Skywalk, an open platform atop Sydney Tower, is perfect for stoners looking for a bird’s-eye view over the metropolis and its environs.

Ok. Let’s stop the Sydney dribble – most of you probably already know this stuff. You came here to find out where to buy marijuana seeds in Sydney right?

Well without further ado, let’s get started.

Buy Marijuana Seeds in Sydney

There are several ways you can get weed seeds in Sydney. The first method is online, the second method is befriending a collector. Most people go on the internet to source seeds while others prefer to get seeds from someone they know.

Cannabis Seedbanks That Ship To Sydney

If you’re looking for cannabis seeds online from Sydney, the best method is to find a reputable, trustworthy seed bank that can successfully ship your beans out to you without fail.

There are several marijuana seed banks that can do this and some offer free replacements and money-back guarantees if orders are lost, damaged or stolen.

Here are 3 cannabis seedbanks that ship to Sydney, NSW, Australia.

Herbies Seeds Australia

Herbies seeds deliver to Sydney

The first pick is Herbies Head Shop Australia. These guys have been in business for over 10 years selling only top marijuana seeds to Australians. They offer free replacements for seeds if they don’t make it to you and they also honour money-back guarantees. Many Sydney siders have ordered from Herbies Seeds and received their package discreetly and safely. You can chat with the seed bank online anytime as they work 24/7 to answer any inquiries. That’s good service.

Herbies cannabis seeds Sydney

Delivery Time: Expected arrival for cannabis seeds to Sydney is 2 – 3 weeks.

Some of the strains you can find on Herbies are:

No.1 Super Skunk

Super Skunk Australia

If you’re looking for a couch-lock effect, take a good look at Super Skunk. It gives the user a pleasant version of the couch-lock, however, given the fact that you remain clear in thought and capable of concentration.

Buy Super Skunk Seeds

No. 2 Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies Seeds

Girl Scout Cookies Extreme marijuana strain (not to be confused with the less extreme Girl Scout Cookies strain) is a hybrid between OG Kush and Durban Poison bred in California. Its aroma is lovely: a combination of sweetness and earthiness, along with a delightful high when consumed. Girl Scout Cookies Extreme makes the user feel completely relaxed as well as euphoric. As far as end-of-day strains go, Girl Scout Cookies Extreme is the best.

Buy Girl Scout Cookies Seeds

No. 3 Chemdawg

Chemdawg Australia

Chemdawg is one of the few cannabis strains on the market that’s surrounded by mystery and myths. This slightly Indica-dominant hybrid is said to be a parent strain to many popular, infamous other hybrids. Experts say this includes the mega-strains OG Kush and Sour Diesel. With just one little whiff, it’s quite obvious just how potent this world-class pot truly is.

Buy Chemdawg Seeds

Nirvana Seeds Australia

Nirvana seeds delivery to Sydney

Nirvana Seeds was established in 1995, they have over 25+ years of experience and offer their own in-house strains which have very high germination rates. All of Nirvana’s strains grow well in Australia and impress even expert growers with their high-quality seeds. Nirvana Seeds Australia also offers a secret stealth delivery option which is reportedly highly successful for Sydney seed collectors.

Visit Nirvana Seeds

MNSL Seeds Australia

MSNL seeds delivery to Sydney

MSNL began operations in 1999 and is now largely acknowledged as the world’s first marijuana seed bank. They have over 250 different types of cannabis seeds available, including ordinary, feminised, and auto-flowering varieties. These seeds will be shipped to you at great pricing and in discrete packaging.

Visit MSNL Seeds

Are Marijuana Seeds Legal in Sydney, Australia?

Australia’s laws surrounding cannabis are loosening up. As parts of the US, Canada, Thailand and other countries have changed their legislation in favour of weed, so too is the land down under. Currently, Australia allows individuals who possess government-issued licenses and permits to grow marijuana for medicinal use among other things. This applies to Aussies who live anywhere in Australia including Sydney. If you think you have what it takes – the experience and clean record, you may be able to legally grow weed and make a career out of it. In the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), the laws are quite favourable towards cannabis nowadays. In Canberra, residents are allowed to grow 2 plants per person or a maximum of 4 per household as long as you grow the good kush outdoors. Strangely enough though, you can’t buy, sell or trade cannabis seeds in the ACT. So how does one get seeds? Its a weird rule, let us know what you think below. Many Canberrans turn to the internet to source weed seeds and we don’t blame them. If you are looking for pot seeds online, we recommend Herbies. Read more about cannabis laws in Australia.

What Are Best The Best Cannabis Seeds For Sydney?

Since most of you are probably based in Sydney, it’s going to be essential to know what strains are going to be good for you to collect. There are 3 main types of cannabis. They are Sativa, Indica and Ruderalis (Autoflower). In Sydney, you typically won’t be growing outdoors. You will most likely be indoors to give your plants the best shot at finishing growing. There are a lot of people in Sydney that could steal your crop outside.

So, you will most likely grow indoors. Most people however have limited growing space. So we recommend growers to look for Autoflower strains which are small and finish growing in 3 months. Yes. You can have buds in 3 months.

Will Customs Confiscate My Cannabis Seeds?

If you are fully licensed and permitted by the correct authorities and have the documentation to prove it, you can receive your marijuana seeds with no problem. However, most people don’t have that so they risk having their seeds confiscated at the border. If this happens, you will simply receive a letter in the mail. Many people say that nothing really happens after that and they hardly follow up as there are too many cases of this happening overloading customs. Herbies replaces confiscated orders or gives you your money back.

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