Weed Seeds Express Australia Review

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A new marijuana seedbank on the block is going by the name of Weed Seeds Express. Although they show great promise with their line of seeds, there is much to be discussed. Is this Weed Seeds Express a good fit for Australians? Here’s our review.

But first, we will do a plug right here for our recommended cannabis seed bank for Australians – Herbies Seeds Australia.

What Makes Weed Seeds Express Good for Australians?

Cannabis seeds are available from WeedSeedsExpress in a large selection of well-known strains in addition to several of their own creations. Here are some of the online seed selection’s top sellers from WeedSeedsExpress:

  • Blue Dream Feminized Seeds
  • Pineapple Express Feminized Seeds
  • Durban Poison Feminized Seeds
  • Cannatonic Feminized Seeds
  • Granddaddy Purple Feminized Seeds
  • Girl Scout Cookies Feminized Seeds
  • Green Crack Feminized Seeds
  • Skywalker OG Feminized Seeds

Besides that, we believe their strains are well suited for the Australian climate – indoors and out. Their selection is one to consider and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

historical facts about weed seeds express

What’s The History of WeedSeedsExpress?

The Weed Seeds Express was founded in 2005. They tell the tale of a group of pals who got together because they all had a passion for growing marijuana and wanted to try their hand at creating new strains and give each other cultivation tips. Three of these buddies ultimately made the decision to venture out and open the Weed Seeds Express seed company in order to share the fruits of their labour and innovation with the world.

Weedseedsexpress’ major objective is to quickly and securely supply premium cannabis seeds to anyone who shares a love for growing and cultivation anywhere in the world.

Among the oldest marijuana industries and companies in the world is found in Haarlem, commonly referred to as Little Amsterdam, a veritable cannabis city with establishments such as the Willie Wortel and the Birdy that are well-known worldwide.

We can confidently claim to have the best contacts in town because we have been living and working in the heart of this marijuana city for decades. We have good connections not just in Haarlem but also in Amsterdam.

What’s The Down Low On Weed Seeds Express Australia?

WeedSeedsExpress is still a new player in the market and hasn’t yet established a strong brand name. It’s difficult to say with certainty how happy Weed Seeds Express’ Australian customers have been with the calibre of the seeds they’ve ordered and the service they’ve received because online reviews of the company are still comparatively few.

A better alternative is Weed Seeds Australia. The recommended seed bank we refer you to has been established for decades and is well-trusted. You can find them on our home page.

who is weed seeds express run by

Should I Try Out Weed Seeds Express Anyway?

This choice is ultimately up to you. We personally think it’s a good idea to check out multiple weed seed banks for Australia to determine which seed company is perfect for you. They are all different and have their own pros and cons. We can only suggest that you test out the different marijuana seed banks online to see which one you like the most.

Of course, time and money need to be spent in order for you to find the best ganja seed bank – so decide which ones you want to try with caution. Just don’t be afraid to get your feet wet.

Quality of Cannabis Seeds

Together with several well-known cannabis strains, WeedSeedsExpress also offers some of its founder’s original genetic innovations.

It includes more than 100 different seed kinds with a range of prices, levels of cultivation ease, and potencies.

Of course, you can try a seed shop like Weed Seeds Australia, which offers thousands of types to pick from, if you’re searching for even more variety.

Personally, I believe that carrying 100 strains is the ideal quantity for a seed company to offer, as you are sure to discover something you like without being overrun by choices.

free marijuana seeds from weed seeds express Australia
Weed Seeds Express Free Gifts for Aussies

Free Weed Seeds for Australia

Every week, WeedSeedsExpress provides 25 free sample seeds to five of the people who join up for their newsletter or follow their Fb page. This is just another entertaining perk. To assist you in achieving the maximum potential germination rate, WeedSeedsExpress does include an extra 10% of any seeds you order for free when you make a purchase.

The Marijuana Seeds Shipping Method

WeedSeedsExpress offers discreet shipping and packing for all of its orders in order to deliver your seeds as promptly (and quietly) as feasible. Because delivery is assured, your purchase will be reshipped to your address at no extra cost if your seeds are lost in the mail or arrive damaged.

According to WeedSeedsExpress, 95 per cent of their shipments arrive on time and without any problems. Your seeds will be delivered via standard mail in an extra-durable, well-sealed and small parcel.

The quick international shipping that WeedSeedsExpress provides ranks directly behind their fantastic customer service as one of their top features.

They ship to practically every nation on the planet, including Australia, America Canada and Europe, but there is a handful that they are unable to reach because of trade embargoes and limitations. They would even transport to Georgia and Texas, states where growing is still prohibited.

Your order will be dispatched to its destination within eight hours of receiving payment.

There should be fewer delays in transit since shipments come by post rather than via courier.

Returns Policy

You have 14 days from the delivery date to ship back any unused seeds to WeedSeedsExpress. For detailed return instructions, get in touch with WeedSeedsExpress’ customer service department. WeedSeedsExpress will reimburse the cost of your seeds and delivery within two business days of receiving your returned order.

Delivery Promise

All orders placed with WeedSeedsExpress come with a delivery guarantee.

This guarantee specifies that WeedSeedsExpress will deliver you a single free package to substitute the whole transaction at no cost to you if it is not delivered within 21 working days from the date it was sent.

According to their explanation, the subsequent shipment is typically received without incident 99 out of 100 times, but if it isn’t, call customer support to find out how to resolve the situation.

Their top priority is always providing kind and effective client service.

Review of Weed Seeds Express for Australia: Final Verdict

WeedSeedsExpress has the potential to one day be a fantastic seed bank, but at the moment, we are unable to endorse them with certainty. From customer service assurances to seeds acquired from breeders, whatever they promote on their webpage sounds great. Moreover, WeedSeedsExpress.com is undoubtedly well organised and user-friendly. Yet, this seed bank hasn’t yet shown to be a dependable and reputable source of top-notch cannabis seeds.

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  1. Wolf Head

    I’ve purchased Bruce banner #3 from these guys to east coast of Oz. First lot was seized. Customer service was great and sent another lot. Bought 10 got 10 free for around 200. Have only grown Bruce twice now, once was mediocre in harvest but quality was absolutely outstanding and potent. Second lot was decent harvest and cracker quality. Really impressed with genetics. Very poignant terpene profile and yeah genetics look great and obviously are strong. Indoors she grew 6 robust feet. The first outdoor whilst shocked and stunted, still grew nice and bushy from the decent topping. I’d recommend them for sure.

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