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Madcanna is a cannabis seedbank based in Queensland, Australia. They have been in business for several years and stock well known breeder seeds from brands such as Seedstockers, Barneys Farm, Gorilla Glue, Dutch Passion, Auto Seeds, Farm Genetics, DG and more.

Madcanna is 100% Aussie Based

The marijuana seed bank Madcanna ships within Australia and operates legally as a cannabis preservation business in Queensland. They only sell their marijuana seeds to Australians under the condition the seeds are for collection purposes or topical use only.

Does Madcanna Ship Australia Wide?

Yes, Madcanna ships Australia-wide. They use Australia Post and provide tracking with every order. Packages are discreet, no mention of marijuana and arrives fast.

What is Madcannas Mission?

The Madcanna business intends to preserve cannabis genetics for the future when marijuana laws ease up to allow for cultivation. There are many varieties of weed seeds available from Madcanna. Strains range from Indica, Sativa and Ruderalis (Autoflower).

What Are The 3 Varieties of Cannabis


Indica cannabis strains are compact, medium-sized plants that pack the highest concentration of THC in the 3 varieties. These strains will give you a couch lock effect after use – perfect for those unwinding after a long day’s work or for those who are about to enjoy entertainment such as watching a movie or playing video games.

Sativa marijuana seeds are the tallest of the lot, they are big plants that require a lot of room and boast a high THC concentration also. It isn’t quite as powerful as Indica in terms of THC, but the yield you get from Sativa plants is much more sizeable. Sativa weed plants give the user a euphoric head high that some say enhances focus and creativity. It is perfect for studying, working, socialising and creativity.

Ruderalis weed plants are small and fast growing. You can get a harvest from Autoflowers in as little as 3 months. On their own, Ruderalis marijuana strains are weak in THC but high in CBD. Breeders cross Autos with Sativa or Indica varieties to enhance its cannabinoid profile e.g. add more THC to the genes. The effect of Auto-flowers depends on which variety it was crossed with and therefore inherits some of its attributes from them all the while growing fast and producing bud in 3 months.

Madcanna stocks all three varieties of cannabis. Below we list the best strain of each variety from Madcanna.

Indica: Wedding Glue

Madcanna Wedding Glue Indica
Indica Dominant Strain Wedding Glue from Madcanna

Although this cannabis strain is mostly an indica polyhybrid, it has been bred with sativa, creating excellently unique genetics. Because the breeder Seedstockers crossed the Cookies family’s Wedding Cake with the sticky and strong Gorilla Glue, the resulting mix is incredibly powerful.

Buy Wedding Glue Seeds from Madcanna

Sativa: Sour Diesel x AK

Sour Diesel x AK from Madcanna
Sativa Dominant Strain Sour Diesel x AK from Madcanna

Spanish Seeds Sour Diesel x AK is something else. Due to genes acquired from AK, Sour Diesel x AK is a dominant sativa hybrid that grows quickly. Its structure also allows light to penetrate efficiently to all regions of the plant, resulting in crops that are rather uniform, which increases the efficacy of concentrates and makes harvesting easier.

Buy Sour Diesel x AK from Madcanna

Ruderalis (Autoflower): Super Skunk

Super Skunk Auto from Madcanna
Super Skunk Autoflower with a balanced mix of Sativa and Indica from Madcanna

This autoflowering strain has a perfect balance of Sativa and Indica, which will result in a plant of a medium size and a high concentration of resin on the buds that will develop after a flowering period of 11 weeks. The seed was created by crossing a pure Indica strain with a sativa strain that was bred to be more vigourous.

Buy Super Skunk Auto from Madcanna

Madcanna Conclusion

Madcanna is one of the only legit Aussie seed banks. They have affordable prices, wide variety, great reviews, fast and discreet Australian delivery (Australia Post) and they have a phone number and email to contact for any concerns or questions. They rank highly in our books because of this. After all, there aren’t many Australian seedbanks out there so these guys are worth supporting.

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