Law On Cannabis Seeds in Australia

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If you you have been wondering about the law on cannabis seeds in Australia, here’s a 420 friendly lawyers very own words for the seedbank ‘Seedsman’ regarding the matter down under. This post is not legal advice but more so general legal information only. Seek professional legal advice if you are unsure of the laws in your country and state.

Howard Cohn’s, the chief Patent Attorney at THC Legal Group published legal information for the cannabis seed bank Seedsman and their potential visitors from Australia. In our opinion, Howard tackles this matter in a straight forward manner – giving you the do’s and don’ts while remaining down to earth.

If you want to read about the legal status of marijuana seeds in Australia, here’s your chance to learn from Howard’s views and expertise in the budding industry in Australia.

laws on cannabis seeds in australia

The Law on Cannabis Seeds in Australia

For many years, many cannabis seed banks have been shipping seeds to Australia. But was it legal to import them?

Maybe, maybe not.. Lets shed some light. Those looking to import cannabis seeds in Australia must be licensed and permitted by the Office of Drug Control (ODC) and Customs Regulations in order to purchase, import, cultivate cannabis etc. strictly for medical purposes only.

Please visit the official website at to familiarise yourself with everything you need to know about the law on cannabis seeds in Australia when it comes to importing and the rest.

If you don’t have the valid licenses and permits from the ODC and Customs Regulations; ordering, importing, possessing, using, selling, trading cannabis and its seeds may be illegal.

It’s not just the ODC and Customs Regulations you need to satisfy the needs of, but you must also meet the requirements of DAWR;

Importers will also need an import permit issued by the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (DAWR). DAWR has established import conditions for cannabis seeds and details can be found in their import conditions system, BICON.

As you can see, it’s no easy task and deters many potential cannabis growers. However, if you are serious about this business and can fulfil the requirements for licenses and permits from the correct government bodies, you can cultivate cannabis for medical use to help those in need if you wish.

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