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CG Australia Seeds Review

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G’day g’day folks. Welcome to our review of CG Australia for cannabis seeds.

This seed bank offers heirloom, organic, and cannabis seeds. They also stock vegetable, salad and herb seeds.

According to their website, CG Australia is local (based in Australia). This is great for cannabis seed collectors down under who want fast shipping.

Is CG Australia a Scam?

From our review, we are delighted to say that CG Australia is not a scam. Many of our friends have ordered from them in the past and they are happy with them. You can check out their live feed back section where people report their experience in real time.

As previously mentioned, their products range from vegetable to cannabis seeds.

If you are on the hunt for great seeds, this CG Australia review should help you out.

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Collector Cannabis Seeds

There isn’t a wide selection of marijuana seeds as of yet but the seeds they do stock is good enough for Aussie collectors.

It’s important to note the CG Australia Terms & Conditions;

Cannabis seeds are sold strictly for souvenir / adult novelty / storage purposes only.

We are currently unsure if they provide money back guarantees but they have a great support network.

CG Australia also states that they cannot accept any seed germination liability in areas outside of the Australian Capital Territory. In the ACT, you can grow 2 plants per person outdoors with a maximum of 4 people in a residence.

Chat With The Team

If you are unsure of anything, there is a chat feature on the CG Australia website to talk to their staff. You can ask questions about delivery times to your state, best contact number, address (if you want to pick the seeds up locally) etc.

What’s Our Final Say on CG Australia Seeds?

Well, if you don’t mind a small range of products that are high quality, then CG Australia is a great option. If you want a larger range of products, we suggest for you to check out our recommended cannabis seed bank on the homepage. The seed bank is called Herbies and they stock over 1500+ marijuana strains.


If you’re a collector thats after quality, don’t mess around and check out CG Australia today. They have a lovely team and the prices for cannabis seeds, herbs, salad greens, etc. are very affordable.

Happy collecting and stay tuned till next time.


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