CG Australia Seeds Review

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G’day g’day folks. Welcome to our review of CG Australia for cannabis seeds.

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The CG Australia seed bank offers heirloom, organic, and cannabis seeds. They also stock vegetable, salad and herb seeds.

According to their website, CG Australia is apparently local (based in Australia). This is ideal for cannabis seed collectors down under who want fast shipping or local pickups but…

Is CG Australia a Scam?

From the comments left by fellow Aussies down below, we are sad to say that CG Australia could potentially be a scam. Please read what people have to say below to make up your mind. The comments section below acts as a live feed back section where people can report their experience in real time.

As previously mentioned, their products range from vegetable to cannabis seeds. But do they really send seeds or are they just taking your money?

If you are on the hunt for actual, authentic marijuana seeds shipped down under, please visit cannabis seeds Australia on our home page. This CG Australia review is simply here to help you determine whether you want to spend your money on their supposed cannabis seed bank.

If you want to join a thread about CG Australia seeds reviewed by like minded Aussie individuals, check out this link from The Serrated Edge.

New Aussie Based Seedbank: Madcanna Seeds

“Collector” Cannabis Seeds

There isn’t a wide selection of marijuana seeds as of yet on CG Australia but the seeds they do stock may entice Aussie “collectors”.

It’s important to note the CG Australia Terms & Conditions;

Cannabis seeds are sold strictly for souvenir / adult novelty / storage purposes only.

We are currently unsure if they provide money back guarantees but they claim to have a support network.

CG Australia also states that they cannot accept any seed germination liability in areas outside of the Australian Capital Territory. In the ACT, you can grow 2 plants per person outdoors with a maximum of 4 people in a residence.

CG Australia Contact

If you are unsure of anything, there seems to be a chat feature on the CG Australia website but we haven’t tested this out. If you do manage to talk to them, ask about product guarantees, delivery times, best contact number, address (if you want to pick the seeds up locally) etc. See if they really look after you.

CG Australia reddit Comments

There isn’t much talk on reddit regarding CG Australia seeds, but the comments that are on there doesn’t give the best review. Overall, one user states not to waste your money on them. View the screenshots below.

cg australia reddit comments CG Australia seeds reddit

CG Australia Coupons

Currently, there is no CG Australia coupons but even if there was, we would not be encouraging anyone to use them based on the review from reddit and the comments below.

What’s Our Final Say on CG Australia Seeds?

Well, if you don’t mind the terrible reviews, then CG Australia is a potential option. If you want a legit, highly reviewed and larger provider of cannabis seeds to Australia, we suggest for you to check out our recommended cannabis seed bank on the home page. The seed bank we recommend boasts a range of 1500+ marijuana strains that thrive in Australia.


If you’re a collector or medical marijuana grower that’s after quality cannabis seeds, don’t mess around with CG Australia as the past customers don’t seem to be too happy. If you want to play it safe, try our recommended marijuana seed bank for Australia which can be found on the home page.

Happy collecting and stay tuned till next time.

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37 Responses
  1. Chase Gibson

    I have sent cg Australia money 5 days ago & had no response. I have used the chat feature and no response either. what can I do to get my money back?

    1. Hi Chase please contact your bank and ask to reverse a transaction, we suggest to say you didnt authorise that purchase. Were not sure if that will solve your problem but give it a try and report your experience

    2. Anthony Todarello

      Everyone is saying scam i thought it was too at first I got no reply. I thought they stole my money then 3 weeks later they came mind u I order from herbies seeds and got it within a week lol befor cg australia. Atm they are still growing they looking nice atm but still too early to tell about the genetic but atm they are looking good sorry to hear about people being scammed its the worst thing.

    3. Reid

      Hi.. Ive never ever had an issue with delivery from CG Australia but.. their products are cr*p.. bought amnesia haze auto (5 seeds) planted 4..all are different and junk.. one is 8 inches tall glistening with tric’s very dark leaves, the other 2 are taller but skinny runts in full flower.. bought a 5 pack of seeds once and only got 4! Another time planted 1 northern lights and one amnesia haze and they both turned out northern lights.. no i didnt mix the seeds up! The fact that they do not identify the breeder of their seeds is a clear sign they are junk bought in bulk.

  2. Jackie Harris

    My order has not arrived. I paid $220 on April 26th and I am very concerned. Please can you help me. Thank you, in anticipation. jackie Harris

  3. Ya mum

    They are 100% a scam do not waist your money. Enquired about my order to get told that my order did not exist. I normally order from overseas but thought I’d give these crooks a go but will not be returning and will be advising all of my friends on this scam company

    1. We’re sorry to hear that, this CG Australia review was written sometime ago, perhaps there was a system error or have they gone crook? I would suggest to all potential customers to screenshot their order and send it to CG Australia for confirmation.

      However, it is still very unfortunate and strange that your order didn’t show up in the system. To get cannabis seeds Australia wide, our home page updates in real time with the best marijuana seed bank for Aussies. Check there next time if your unsure.

  4. michael lillie

    ripped off by cg australia. got some very old cannabis seeds that would not even germinate. got no reply when i emailed them. also noticed my payment was converted to euros on the reciept. seeds came from norgate qld.. caveat emptor….

  5. John

    Just ordered some seeds paid $80 and these arseoles cancelled my order, do not buy from these prices they are a rip-off, fraud, mob of cunts .

  6. Shaun

    I two thought it was a scam. After 31 days seeds arrived. Just planted. Will let you know. Sent 6 ordered 5. Shaun .south Australia.

  7. Coree

    I normally don’t post, but need to set the record straight on CG. They’re 100% legit.
    IV recently ordered a few different strains they have all turned up on time and everything has germinated with strong healthy plants….

    1. Adam duric

      They are dodgy as hell! There autos aren’t autos whatsoever 150%. And you’ll have no difference between glue, NL, haze, cocopopo etc they are all same garbage. Bad genetics from germination with twisted leaves and yellowing. Just not what they are advertising that is for certain.

  8. Looking at the poor reviews here I would never had ordered from CG, but LUCKILY for me I didn’t. I put an order in about 4months ago, bank transferred some dosh thru and waited. Straight up the bext day got confirmation from them with all details needed and when to expect delivery…….
    Sure enough the package arrived right on time which followed with me doing a WIN dance hahaha.
    Wicked selection for AUS seedbanks, domestic local delivery as our border has tightened since Covid came to town, Excellent Service and last of all the most important thing 3 from 4 seeds came to life!
    So judge for yourself this is only my experience but I know if I wanted anything else who I would be choosing……..

      1. Mark Black

        Today 7/4/2023 ordered one strain from Weed Seeds Australia last week was a bit sceptical but seeds arrived they contacted me and returned messages and as they said some times seeds arrive before tracking has time to kick in…Will hold over winter and do my outside grow next season.
        For me the seem legit. I tried Herbies 3 separate occasions every time customers snatched them … They have upped their scanning game virtually impossible to get them in now …Herbies to their credit refunded my money in full…

    1. Adam duric

      I had 9 out of 10 what was advertised as “gorilla glue autoflowers” germinate, 7 weeks later no flower still and had to switch to 12/12, 100% not autos and bad genetics whatever they are.

  9. Briza

    Have used Weed Seeds Australia twice now. Both times seeds arrived within 4 business days from ordering… Good comms and stealth shipping… Super healthy plants too… No issues here will buy again.

  10. Sam Burton

    Purchased seeds which I did actually get but they were thc when I ordered cbd. Can’t trust them to send the right seeds. Then offered me a discount to buy more dodgy seeds with no replacement. Don’t buy from this company

  11. FRAUDULENT Placed an order – paid by bank deposit – received an express post envelope that contained an australia post pamphlet – NO SEEDS. No response to emails – the website contact page doesn’t work.

  12. Darryn

    I can’t believe these negative scam scare posts. I have purchased from Weed Seeds Australia now. Their transactions were prompt their communications were on point and they delivered discreetly on time. I have grown 100% that I planted and last year the 1.5 metre grapefruit plants each delivered @ 5oz of head, and buckets of leaf and trim. I’m doing 3 different strains this season, seeds were delivered on time. Absolutely no complaints here.

  13. DR

    I am having terrible trouble with them recognising a crypto payment. They induced me to pay with crypto with a 20% discount, but this method of payment appears very dodgy. I can see the transaction on the public key but they still won’t accept that they received the payment. I can see other transactions to their address so I’m not the only one that has been exchanging crypto with them. Has anyone else experienced the same trouble. In fairness I am still in contact with them but it’s not going very well, I’m just wondering if it’s worth my while trying to get them to come good? Any experience welcomed

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