What is Yarndi and What Does it Mean?

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Australia is home to a venerable indigenous population commonly referred to as Aboriginals. The term “aboriginal” encompasses more than the enduring indigenous population of Australia.

Numerous indigenous populations may be found across the globe, with Australia being widely regarded as home to one of the most ancient Aboriginal races.

The Aboriginals of Australia are also referred to as indigenous people.

The term “indigenous” refers to something that originates or occurs naturally in a certain location, indicating its native status.

So what does Yarndi mean and how come we mentioned indigenous Australians?

Yarndi is a word or term that originated with traditional Aborigines in Australia. Yarndi is the indigenous word for “weed” “cannabis” “marijuana” “pot” “kush” etc.

Since weed has also been prevalent in Australia spanning thousands of years ago, it’s no surprise Aboriginals have come across it and named it to identify the plant.

In the past, numerous indigenous communities in Australia used cannabis for medical, recreational, and even trading purposes.

They simply refer to it as Yarndi.

The word Yarndi is however not so common these days with the youth. Mostly elders in aboriginal tribes use the name as it is an old term.

Many individuals not limited to aboriginals have not heard of the term before therefore they may be intrigued or curious as to what the word means.

So that’s it. Yarndi means weed and it’s just what the Aboriginals termed it since days old.

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