Medical Cannabis in Australia – Legalization So Far

Will Medical Cannabis in Australia be ever legalised?

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Legalize medical cannabis in Australia.

Medical Cannabis in Australia is soon to be widespread, with New South Wales Government announcing their participation in the Cannabis Clinical Trials, other states will soon follow.

The participation of NSW onto these trials are to treat people with Terminal or Life Threatening Conditions. People who suffer from Epilepsy for example are eligible to participate in the trials.

The focus of the trials are to observe if Cannabis does have medical properties regarding the treatment of seizures, and if so, to determine its usefulness and explore the possibilities of regulated medical cannabis in the state of NSW.

The scope of the research isn’t limited only to those with seizures however, other Terminal and Life Threatening Conditions will also be tested and unveiled after the trials.

The potential availability of Medical Cannabis for those who suffer unforgiving conditions are however at the hands of expert researchers.

That means, not just any pot head can walk into a pharmacy and get a script to obtain marijuana. You have to be medically diagnosed.

This raised a question in mind, would parents of those children whom suffer these dreadful conditions extort their children’s medical profile to attain possession of cannabis on behalf of non other than themselves (from ANONYMOUS).

Either way, as soon as these trials are finished, and they present the evidence as to be medically true for the treatment of Terminal and Life Threatening Conditions, other states Governments will accordingly follow.

There shouldn’t be a valid reason as to why the other states wouldn’t cooperate if the trials prove positive.

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