Best Cannabis Seed Banks for the USA 2021

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If you are American and live in a state where you can legally grow weed whether for recreational or medical purposes, you may be wondering about the best cannabis seed banks for the USA.

On your search for the best pot seeds in the USA, you will undoubtedly come across misleading information, scammy/dodgy breeders, ridiculously high seed prices, strains not looking like their product photos and lots more uncertain, wonderful surprises (sarcasm).

This is why we’ve taken the time out to inform you about the best cannabis seed banks for the USA.

Don’t get us wrong! There are a lot of great seed banks out there that have been successfully servicing Americans for a number of years, but hurled in among the less reputable seed banks that are essentially rip offs, it can be hard to make a decision on which weed seedbanks in the USA to go with.

This is where this article comes in. We have spoken to our US buddies, viewed some boring charts, collected recent and relevant information from forums such as Grass City and Rollitup and have come up with this Top 5 Cannabis Seed Banks in the US.

We have kept in mind pricing, delivery times, germination rate, privacy etc.

This is an article for potential pot growers in the US and we suggest you and other growers you know, to use this information to reference from in the future. If you want the best buds in town, read up on the benefits of choosing a cannabis strain bred by expert growers from reputable seed banks.

Top 3 Cannabis Seed Banks USA 2021

3. Home Grown Cannabis Co

2. Herbies Head Shop


Without further ado, here is our seed bank reviews for the USA.

3. Homegrown Cannabis Co Weed Seeds USA 2021 Review

Homegrown Cannabis Co Weed Seeds USA logoA seed bank that propels itself with pure, unadulterated strains that are at very low prices. Homegrown Cannabis Co is one of the best seedbanks for the USA as they stock hundreds of strains and look after each customer respectively.

The shipping comes with an incredibly high success rate of preventing unwanted crushing. All seeds are discreetly hidden and delivery is fast to the US. If you don’t get your package with the beans inside, they will ship them again at no cost to the buyer.

Germination is completely guaranteed too, if they don’t sprout, they will replace them ASAP to get you on the road to growing.

Homegrown Cannabis Co offers tracked shipping from $11 and free delivery for amounts over $115. The downside is the prices, it’ll cost you $10 a seed.

Buy Homegrown Cannabis Co Seeds

2. Herbies Head Shop USA 2021 Review

Review of Herbies Head Shop USA One of the all time go to seedbanks for the USA. Herbies Head Shop has been in the cannabis industry for over 10+ years. They stand to collect and share the beauty that is in cannabis seeds for medicinal and wellness reasons. There strange ranges from Barneys Farm, Dinafem, Royal Queen Seeds, Seedstockers and more reputable cannabis breeders.

Herbies is definitely one of the best at pricing with a pack of 5 seeds costing you only $50 USD once you convert the price from euros.

Unfortunately, Herbies isn’t local in the US but they do send seeds there regularly at a cheap cost. Seeds are sent in stealth, no mention of cannabis seeds in your bank account, fast and reliable.

If you have germination issues, please contact Herbies for a refund as they will replace it if there’s any problems. Should seeds be crushed, Herbies will resend the order if you provide photos of the seeds damaged.

Buy Herbies Seeds

1. ILGM Cannabis Seed Bank USA 2021 review

I Love Growing Marijuana Seeds USA

Our personal favorite seed bank if we must say. ILGM has been around for a long time – going all the way back to 2013 stocking feminised and autoflower seeds from cannabis cup winner strains. They are a giant in the cannabis seeds industry and have expanded to include a free comprehensive cannabis grow bible and their own line of nutrients and pest/disease products.

As far as price goes, IGLM Seed Bank USA is one of the most competitive on the market. You can purchase 10 packs of seeds or get mixpacks to get more seeds at lower prices. You’d be looking at $89 for a pack of 5 premium cannabis seeds.

As for delivery its completely free, stealth and fast. Plus they will send free seeds with some orders.

Germination is guaranteed with money back if you have any problems.

Support is always available too with plenty of staff ready to answer your questions. Don’t forget to check out their forums too for community updates.

Buy ILGM Seeds

Best Seed Bank USA 2021 Conclusion

While Herbies running the gauntlet at 2nd, ILGM has to take the cake for the best seed bank in the USA in 2021. ILGM seeds are affordable with plenty of medical and recreational strains to choose from. There is lots to choose from and they even have cannabis cup winner varieties. Herbies also has that however there is less selection. HomeGrown Cannabis co on the other hand has the largest strain range and lots of great deals. It comes down to whether you value affordability over quality. In terms of quality ILGM deffinitely takes home the prize. Affordability? We would say Herbies.

UPDATE: You can also purchase from Weed Seeds USA via this URL


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