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Buy Cannabis Seeds in Sydney

Purchasing marijuana seeds in Sydney will be covered in this article, basically, you just got to know where to look. But first… For those of you who are unfamiliar with Sydney e.g. tourists or potentially new residents, here is a quick rundown of the place. Sydney is arguably Australia’s most beautiful city. It is the […]

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Australian Seed Bank

Australian Seed Bank of the Future Are you looking for an Australian Seed Bank for the future? Unfortunately, it is hard to find them currently but we have an alternative. You could check out Herbies Seeds because they are a seed bank for Australian collectors. They offer quick shipment and discreet delivery. Customers that require […]

Herbies Seeds Review Australia

Herbies seeds is one of the biggest marijuana seed banks in business and could possibly be the best. The seedbank has been mentioned in several popular publications like Chicago readers, SF Weekly, Detroit metro times, and GlobeNewswire. If you are looking for detailed information on Herbies Seeds or Herbies head shop, this review is for […]

Medical Cannabis in Australia

Over the last few years, medical cannabis laws in Australia have eased up quite a bit. Growers of medicinal marijuana have seen licensing and permits reduce from say 6 – 8 licences and permits to just 1. The more centralised approach has seen a substantial increase in cultivators of medical cannabis – which is great […]

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CG Australia Seeds Review

G’day g’day folks. Welcome to our review of CG Australia for cannabis seeds. Related: If you’re buying cannabis seeds in Australia, read our Herbies Seeds aka Herbies Head Shop review The CG Australia seed bank offers heirloom, organic, and cannabis seeds. They also stock vegetable, salad and herb seeds. According to their website, CG Australia […]

Law On Cannabis Seeds in Australia

If you you have been wondering about the law on cannabis seeds in Australia, here’s a 420 friendly lawyers very own words for the seedbank ‘Seedsman’ regarding the matter down under. This post is not legal advice but more so general legal information only. Seek professional legal advice if you are unsure of the laws […]

Legal weed in Canberra

This is old news but still worth the read. From last year, the ACT has legalised cannabis for personal use (not federally). You may be pardoned with possessing a small amount of cannabis and even growing a couple of weed plants at home if your from the ACT. Read below to find out more about […]