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Kanga Seeds Review: Scam or Not?

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Ever heard of Kanga Seeds? We somehow have. A few of our friends from around the place claim they have ordered seeds from this (new?) cannabis seed bank based in Australia – and this is what some of them have to share. Please note, our friends asked for their identities to be hidden so we will be using their chosen usernames instead.

420Man said;

Seeds arrived, but still waiting further down the line before making a verdict

WillSmithSmithWills said;

Absolute trash genetics

MaryJaneSmokes said;

Got the order but the seeds we’re crushed

This seems like our friends had different outcomes (obviously right?), 420Man indicates he is yet to see if the cannabis seeds turn out as expected. He has already mentioned that he will get back to us as soon as he sees some results. Once we receive his latest response – hopefully promising – we will update this Kanga Seeds review with all the juicy details.

As for WillSmithSmithWills response, perhaps he had a bad batch of seeds which left him disappointed with the order? We asked him to detail his experience but he was way too pissed off to answer anymore questions. Best leave him to cool off.

MaryJaneSmokes atleast confirmed the seeds do arrive but perhaps their packaging job or delivery method needs improvement. It’s worth mentioning that Kanga Seeds has only sprung into the scene recently so they’ll be just learning the ropes *arhem jumping. Sorry, we had to – please forgive us.

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Kanga Seeds Reviews: This user says its an outright scam..

Aside from our friends Kanga Seeds reviews, we dived into the Serrated Edge forum to see what the cannabis connoisseurs on that corner of the web reckon about this relatively new marijuana seedbank for Australians and the rest of the world. Here’s what “Old fox” one of the sites avid users had to say about them;

Kanga seeds review images 1

Is Kanga Seeds a scam? a forum user gives insight

This gets ugly fast when veterans are testing your metal..

That’s why when your looking for quality marijuana genetics at fair prices, you go with a trusted cannabis seed bank like Herbies Head Shop who ships to Australia, have a moneyback guarantee and honour reshipments – AND the strains are legit & range from medical, best selling and Cannabis Cup Winner varieties.

Here’s the rest of the comment from Old fox plus a little bit more from the community;

Kanga seeds reviews from Australians

Old fox hunting the hunter

This is what Old fox means when he says it’s a scam, read the comment;

Reviews for Kanga Seeds thread

Straight down to business the Old fox

It goes on below, but to quickly interject. If you want quality cannabis seeds at honest prices, always check our Cannabis Seeds Australia web portal. We may not be local or directly sell cannabis seeds, but we find the best marijuana seed banks for you that ship discreetly with love to Australia. All the important details such as strains available, shipping times, costs etc. can be found on our home page – and if you have any questions, you can ask our team at the Q&A page.

Anyway, here are more words on fire from the Serrated Edge regarding the Kanga Seeds store, read all about it;


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