seed banks that ship to Australia

Seed Banks that Ship to Australia – Best Online Marijuana Seedbank

If your ever browsing the web and have wondered where to get marijuana seeds online from in Australia, you’re not alone. Thousands on a daily basis search for seed banks that ship to Australia.

If you’re one of those people then quite likely by chance you have stumbled on our website and reading this or another post. But what matters most is the fact you’re here now.

In todays post, I would like to discuss the best cannabis seed bank that ships to Australia. But before we go right to it, what do consider the best?

There are 3 things and they are; Prices, Discreet Packaging and Shipping Times.

The Cannabis Seeds Australia seed bank we’d like to discuss is ILGM.

ILGM Stands for I Love Growing Marijuana. They are an incredible company with relentless staff that constantly hammer away at nothing but excellent service. For 3 years we have been getting ganja seed orders to Australia now without a hassle.

Seed Banks that Ship to Australia

What about prices?

The prices of the cannabis seeds range from $50 per 10 pack up to the hundreds for more comprehensive options such as beginners, medical and white widow grow kits. These kits come with everything you need to cultivate seed to harvest which includes fertilisers, boosters, bug blaster, root protect and mold control. All of these will see that your grow will make it from seed all the way to harvest with big, frosty nugs.


How about discreet packaging?

ILGM definitely has the option to choose discreet packaging. If you are unsure whether normal packaging will work for you, the stealth option is always there to assure your mind.

Last but not least, how about shipping times?

Shipping times vary depending on the influx of cannabis seed orders ILGM is receiving but generally anything between 7 – 21 days is usual.

The Conclusion

Well thats enough about the best seed banks that ship to Australia. The last words we have are, try them out yourself with a small order and see how you go. You won’t be disappointed if you order from this company. In our opinion, ILGM are top of the line, genius breeders from the Netherlands which means you are guaranteed pure strains. Rest assured your order will come swiftly, discreetly and cheaply! Order from this Australian Cannabis Seedbank today to check it out yourself!

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