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Oz Seeds seedbank is a fairly new seed bank for Australia that has been getting quite a bit of attention. There are many reviews on forums that depict the outcome from buying from Oz seeds. Some good, some bad. Here is our take on it.

Don’t buy from them!

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Theres been many reports from people who bought from them only to receive seeds that aren’t as described. Users report extremely high costs and very poor turn around and delivery of said products.

They claim to be the best Aus seed bank but they are not. We do say in their defence that a lot of seed banks in Australia do try to claim this title but fail to justify it.

Is OZ Seeds Seed Bank Australia Legit or Trustworthy?

We say this again, don’t go spending your money on them anytime soon! There are plenty of other options to choose from here is a tag list to get you started –

There’s been too many stories of ill fated incidences occurring from transacting with Oz Seeds and it’s about time its pointed out. If you want the real deal, go for Herbies which is our favourite seed bank for Australia.

Herbies has been around for more than a decade and has ACTUAL legitimate reviews from Trust Pilot, a well renowned website where anyone can leave their feed back on whatever website they are dealing with.

The Alarm Bells

With Oz Seeds, the website is convincing so anyone would think they are legit and Aussie. But when you dive in further, you realise they aren’t. With buying marijuana seeds in Australia from our recommended seed bank, we tell people on our homepage that we outsource or link you to another company. Whatever happens, you are directed to the best seed bank for Australia.

Oz Seeds says they have over 80+ native cannabis strains which is a tall promise. We don’t say that, we just direct you to the best seed bank that delivers to Australia. It’s up to you to go through with it.

Is Herbies the best Oz Seed Bank?

We would like to say its totally up to you. But if you want us to quickly break it down, here’s why.

Herbies has the following qualities:

  • Premium-grade seeds
  • Big variety of strains
  • Delivery is stealth
  • Reliable chat feature on the website to discuss strains and other questions
  • No mention of weed seeds in your bank statement
  • Can pay by bank transfer, Credit/Visa card and BitCoin
  • Free cannabis seeds with every order and more when you accrue $20
  • They stock cannabis cup winner strains for Australia
  • Lots of useful grow resources and other important info
  • Best reviewed seed bank on Trust Pilot

So that’s what we have to say, we implore you to dig in yourself and find out but if you want it from our side of town, this a must visit website to check out.

Herbies has been more than amazing to many Australians, you just have to check out their reviews to see for your self. Sick of Aussie cannabis strains? Weed Seeds New Zealand has some strains like Te Puke Thunder you might be interested in.

Are they Scam?

Some users from Rollitup and Grass City suggest this website is fake. It’s not hard to believe – you only have to check yourself to find out. The website is quite thin, not many comments or Trust Pilot reviews, you can’t get in contact with them and they do not stock AUS seeds.

It’s just another gimmick so don’t be fooled and go for a more legitimate company/seedbank such as Herbies for Australia.

Checkout our home page at Weed Seeds Australia to find out more information. We update our info every week to deliver you guys the best marijuana seed bank candidate.

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