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Have you been on the hunt for marijuana seeds in Australia? Well lucky you, we have reviewed the best cannabis seed bank online for Australia. In this article, you will discover the most trust worthy, affordable source of pot seeds for Australia.

Marijuana Seeds Australia + Extras

The seed bank online we are talking about is ILGM. These guys have been delivering seeds to Australia since 2013. All orders have guaranteed stealth shipping, free delivery on orders over $150 and they have a huge range of feminized, regular and autoflower strains. They also come packaged in with free grow guides and plant care tips.

ILGM also has they’re own line of marijuana nutrients and plant boosters. Whether its the seedling, vegetative or flowering phase, they have the right fertiliser for you.

Struggling with Pests & Diseases?

Cannabis Seeds Australia

Green Worm eating the stalk of a plant

ILGM also has you covered. They have bug blaster, root protect and other products that will keep your grow going strong. You don’t want to lose a valuable harvest to insects and diseases. Therefore you should invest a couple of dollars into getting the correct protection from pest and diseases. No better place than ILGM, they stock all of what you will need before and after your grow. You will be surprised at the range of products they stock.

Why buy Marijuana Seeds Australia from ILGM?

ILGM breeds very high quality cannabis genetics. Not like other cannabis seed banks online who throw in unknown strains and say its genuine, pure breed seeds.

One of they’re most priceless traits about ILGM is the fact the actually have reliable communication. It’s good when you can chat to someone about how far away your seeds are.

Big Ups: They even ship down under at no charge and give out free Marijuana Seeds Australia!.

Are the Marijuana Seeds Sent in Stealth?

Lets not forget to mention this, ILGM seeds are hidden so well in each package that there is no way of finding out or risking confiscation if someone so happens to open your parcel. They have been sending seeds to Australia for years now so they have to know a few tricks to the trade.

More Info About Extras

When you head to ILGM, you will be given the chance to download a free grow bible and plant care tips. The free grow guides and plant care tips will also be your best friend. This is why we love the company so much! Alongside the Marijuana Boosters, you will grow some rock hard, massive and frosty nuggets if you follow the guides correctly.

Marijuana Seeds Australia Strain Details

Marijuana Seeds Australia

Bubblegum Kush

ILGM stocks only the best cannabis seeds online in Australia and some of them are: White Widow, Super Silver Haze, Blueberry, Purple Haze, Bubblegum, Og Kush & Ak 47.

We have genetically stable seeds. No messy chromosomes, no unknown parent plants just pure cannabis strains that have been around for thousands of years.

Marijuana Seeds Australia Conclusion

If you are interested in purchasing marijuana seeds, please visit our home page or the buy seeds page. There you will find whatever cannabis strain your after and more details about it.

In each strains page you will find the potency of the strain in terms of THC, CBD etc. You will get the rough estimate of how much you can get out of each plant ounce wise. You will get indications on how long it will take to grow the specific strain, what time to plant, when to harvest etc.