GP3 Set – Grow, Bloom & Micro [3 x 1L]


The GP3 nutrient range from Green Planet contains all primary, secondary and micronutrients that are necessary for a balanced plant nutrition.

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This 3-part nutrient package from Green Planet is known for its persistence and provides reliable results for all plants, cultivation methods and substrates.It contains all primary, secondary and micronutrients necessary for a balanced nutrition of plants, the GP3 series is formulated to be the best pH-buffered and balanced fertilizer there is: 1 x Green Planet GP3 ​​Grow Grow provides minerals for the reproductive growth phase: flowering, fruit and seed production 1 x Green Planet GP3 Bloom Bloom offers spectacular results such as improved size, quantity, taste, aroma, potency and essential oils. s in its fruits, flowers and 1 x Green Planet GP3 ​​Micro Micro provides fast-growing plants with nitrogen, potassium and calcium as well as a combination of chelated micronutrients and trace elements. Alternative to General Hydroponics Nutrient Range The Green Planet (GP3) Nutrient Range is a premium Australian nutrient and a great alternative to General Hydroponics Nutrients. (Unfortunately General Hydroponics will no longer ship to Australia as of 2020 and there are no plans for the company to export to Australia in the future.


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