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Purchasing Cannabis Seeds from Australia

Many countries in the world are currently in a state of fluctuation in regards to the laws on Marijuana, and Australia has been one of those countries since Medical Marijuana was legalised in 2016. This became an argument point for those of the population that wants recreational marijuana legalised.

In Australia there is a higher rate of use for marijuana than there is for any other illicit drug – which makes you wonder why on earth there’s so many law makers and enforcers who turn a blind eye to those who use and possess the illicit substance. Due to this, a vast majority of the population are just sitting and waiting until the day that recreational marijuana is legalised.

In saying that..

You can almost get away with growing or possessing a bit of marijuana in quite a few states, due to the fact that many states have decriminalised the possession and cultivation of marijuana, meaning you’re likely to get a caution or some rehabilitation if you’re caught growing it. While it may be mostly decriminalised, you’re still able to receive a criminal charge if you are caught with commercial amounts. Commercial amounts are subjective to each state.

In many states, the way you grow your marijuana may affect your penalties. For instance, if you’re growing indoors or artificially- e.g. using a hydroponic set up or artificial lighting – it’s considered a worse offense than if you’re growing your marijuana outdoors organically.

Despite the fact that possession has been basically decriminalized, it is still illegal to grow marijuana. However each state has it’s own penalties that vary greatly. We’ve written a list containing a small portion of information about each state’s law.

It is important to know that the Australian laws are still rapidly changing, so some of this information may be out of date. If this is the case please don’t hesitate to leave a comment down below explaining where we’re wrong and we will edit the post accordingly.


In the NT you’re likely to receive just a $200 fine if you’re caught with 50 or less grams of marijuana or if you’re growing 2 or less plants


If you’re caught with 15 grams or less in New South Wales for the first or second time, you’re likely to receive a caution for cannabis. Any person who is caught in possession after 2 cautions will receive a criminal charge.


Unless you are a repeat offender, there is a chance that Queensland law officials will place you with a diversion instead of a criminal charge. This however, is only available 1 time per person if you are in possession of 50 grams or less.


With similar laws to its neighbour NSW, Victoria is quite lenient. They allow 2 cautions for possession of up to 50 grams


The ACT has been far ahead of its fellow states for quite some time now, introducing the civil penalty system (CPS) in just 1993. The CPS now states anyone in possession of 25 grams or less, or 2 plants or less, will receive just a $200 fine with 2 months to pay. Failure to pay in the time frame given will result in having to attend a treatment program or rehabilitation.


Although it may not be as lenient as some of the mainland states, Tasmanian law allows for 3 cautions within any 10 year period for possession of up to 50 grams.


Western Australia is the first state to have officially decriminalised the possession of marijuana. Sending offenders to a cannabis intervention session rather than giving a fine nor criminal charge.


You won’t find a caution in SA, but you will receive a fine between $50 and $150 for possession of any amount up to 100 grams

Okay, so now that you know a little bit of the law in your state, it’s time to decide wether or not you’re ready to face the consequences. If you’ve decided you’re going to grow your own, it’s time to start thinking about strains and seeds. And due to the fact that it’s illegal to sell marijuana seeds in Australia, you must find a trustworthy, discreet off-shore company to mail you your required seeds and nutrients. There are quite a few seedbanks online that we trust for Seeds, however the difficult part is finding a seedbank that will ship to Australia.

Purchasing Cannabis Seeds from Australia

If you have done the proper research as to where the lowest penalties are and are ready to start growing marijuana, it’s probably time to start thinking about strains and buying seeds. Because you cannot legally sell seeds in the country of Australia, your best bet is to find a company that will ship reliably and discreetly to your location. It’s rather far away from a lot of companies (especially those in Western Europe), but there are a few that reliable ship down under.

I Love Growing Marijuana

Stealth shipping done the right way. I Love Growing Marijuana is the main competitor for other cannabis seed banks in the stealth shipping game. With ILGM, not only is the stealth shipping at its best, if you spend $150 on seeds, delivery to Australia is free.

Highgrade Seeds

A great company overall. This seedbank will make sure if you don’t receive your package they will resend it free of charge. Same goes if the seeds inside don’t grow to expectation. They will send you new ones in the mail. In case your wondering, yes they deliver to Australia!

MSNL Seedbank

One of the longest standing seed banks online. A standard order comes in stealth packaging that contains amazing strains. Delivery to Australia is 100% guaranteed as they ship every where else essentially.

Crop King Seeds

This company creates its own amazing cannabis strains. Its delightful to check this seed bank once every often to see what they have. So far Crop King has over 30 strains that are available in feminised, standard and autoflowering etc. This online cannabis seed bank is one of the best in our opinions. Shipping to Australia can take up to 21 days. You may pay with BitCoin as well.

If your looking for novelty seeds from an online seed bank, try They have a great range of seeds and ship to any country in standard packaging. You wont notice any markings in your package but delivery can take up to 4 weeks if your not from Europe.

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