Bloom Euro A and B [2 x 1L]


Bloom Yellow Bottles Euro A and B can be used throughout the entire growth and flowering cycle. It’s a simpler version of the basic four-part nutrients that Bloom produces.

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Made in Adelaide, they are science pioneers who developed a range of organic and semi-organic products to produce the best results for your hydroponic system. One of them is the Bloom Euro AandB. What is Bloom Euro AandB? Bloom Euro AandB is a highly concentrated hybrid nutrient with a buffered base, which is called a hybrid due to its organic and mineral base and can be used throughout the vegetation and flowering cycle.

Macro and micronutrients that the plant needs regardless of whether it is used in a vegetative cycle of 2 or 4 weeks. Euro AandB can be used in any growing method or medium, whether indoors or outdoors.Check the feeding program to get the correct dose.

Bloom Euro comes in a 1 liter or 2.5 liter kit (2 bottles of 1 liter or 2 bottles of 2.5 liters). Includes: chelated macro – and trace elements, fulvic acid and vitamins. (per liter for parts A and B) Recirculation: 0.51 ml per liter of soil: 0.51 ml per liter of waste: 12 ml per literBloom Euro produces this large amount of nutrients Recirculation: 1L Pool = 2000L Soil: 1L Pool = 2000L Run to Waste: 1L Pool = 1000L Bloom Euro feeding programs can be found here on the Advanced Floriculture website.


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