Cannabis in Australia – Mullumbimby Madness

Australia’s ‘Greatest Little Town’ of Mullumbimby in northern NSW was biting the dust. The dairy ranchers and banana producers were leaving the land. At that point came a wave – a’ stripped bristly wave’ as a daily paper editorial manager later portrayed it – of new pilgrims who merged on the locale. It was the beginning of the Australian flower children in the mid 1970s and they tried different things with interesting building strategies, an absence of clothing, moon moves and free love – and the medication cannabis, which changed the town in some startling ways.

In this component narrative dispatched by the Brunswick Valley Historical Society, Sharon Shostak, offspring of the counterculture and maker of The Echo Doco and the honor winning Tish Ho, weaves together private depictions with entertainingly verbalize ‘new pioneers’ currently turned offbeat senior citizens and a portion of the ranchers and townsfolk who experienced them.

Additionally highlighting prestigious Australian columnist Kerry O’Brien, who was one of the first to answer to the country on the Aquarian transformation, Mullumbimby’s Madness gloats an abundance of recently revealed documented film and photographic fortunes to give you an essence of what the bizarre attack was extremely similar to. Purchase the DVD, drop into it, and excursion out.

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