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Buy Weed Seeds Australia

Buy Weed Seeds Australia

This brief post is about how you can buy weed seeds Australia. We will keep it short and sweet. But first, have you tried your luck at searching for a seed bank online yourself? There are many seedbanks online that deliver to Australia. You just need to have a quick search using terms such as cannabis seeds Australia, Weed Seeds Australia, Marijuana Seeds Australia and more.

Some of our favourite seed banks would be ILGM, Crop King, Seedsman and Herbies. These companies are at the top of the list when it comes to buying marijuana seeds in Australia. But why? Well not only do they all offer free shipping but when orders are confiscated, lost, damaged or stolen, they will replace it free of charge.

These guys also don’t play around when it comes to cannabis genetics. They have pure and genetically stable strains that are properly bred with other marijuana strains. No dodgy genes, only 100% genuine strains from these guys.

What’s the difference with these cannabis seed banks?

Well not many really. Aside from the fact they all charge at different rates, the only real difference is delivery times, customer service, delivery options and whether its a pick or mix order website.

Usually the seed banks mentioned are pretty good with all these aspects. ILGM and Crop King is just not a pick or mix website. This means you buy marijuana seeds in packs not individually.

Why Buy Weed Seeds Australia?

Well the only reason is because you can’t get them anywhere else aside from a friend or other grower locally sourced. You won’t know the genes of your pot plant too unless you have grown the strain before or trust your friend or other grower you sourced the seeds from locally.

With buying cannabis seeds online, you can know what your getting and get a bit of information about the seed bank online. Your always covered with money back guarantees too. We all know how frustrating no-show events are.


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