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Buy Marijuana Seeds Australia

Thanks for visiting Weed Seeds Australia. This post is about where you can purchase cannabis seeds from down under. You can get great local strains from certain places like Nimbin or by purchasing weed seeds from an online Aussie seedbank.

If your not in a 420 friendly town like Nimbin to source some decent cannabis seeds, we can help. Our online services can direct you to a brilliant seed bank which stocks a variety of Medical, Rare and Cannabis Cup Winner strains that vary in taste, potency, growing speed and flowering time.

Our recommended seed bank Herbies delivers reliably, has high germination rates (80% +) and a money back guarantee or free product replacement if you don’t receive your order.

Instead of growing random bag seeds (which you don’t know how they will grow), get some strains that have great genetics bred by experts. Strains from a reputable seed bank are exactly this – bred by professionals which in turn can dramatically increase the yield and quality of your cannabis plants in the end.
Here’s a few of their cannabis strains

Buy Marijuana Seeds Australia

When you Buy Marijuana Seeds Australia, you can read unbiased reviews online about their Aussie aimed seed bank before you make the descision.

They guarantee the highest quality and best variety of marijuana seeds online and ship them to Australia.

Some of our popular strains include but are not limited to; Blackberry Kush, White Widow, Purple Haze and Northern Lights.

We are happy to say that Herbies have a high trust rating on Trust Pilot – a website which gives users from around the world the ability to review a business or website. Their ratings are at 4.7 out of 5 which indicates that people are happy as a Larry with their products and services.

They pride ourselves in being a seed bank that is for the people. Herbies wants you to experience well reputed cannabis strains that range from Medical, Rare, and/or Cannabis Cup Winner varieties.

We know so many who are sick whom don’t have access to medical cannabis strains – which can greatly improve someones physical, emotional and mental state. Theres no reason to see it as an evil substance anymore as portrayed in Reefer Madness. It doesn’t turn people into sex crazed party animals, this is a misconception. By now, we think people should be more than aware that this film was propaganda strongly against cannabis users. This film fuelled the stigma on weed in the 30’s.

Why Are Some Cannabis Seeds So Expensive?

Breeders, labs, lights, growing mediums, fertilisers, equipment etc can cost a significant amount money when operating a seed bank. So to keep a cannabis seed bank afloat, prices are set accordingly.

For any questions regarding buying marijuana seeds online in Australia, shoot us a message in our Questions and Answers page or chat with us on our FB page.

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